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12/23/11 2:48:53PM
It looks like both guys want to make it happen.

From @LilHeathenMMA

"Yo @danawhite your TUF guy @TonyFergusonXT was calling me out. I would like to bring back my savage beastly style an KO this guy soon plz!"

Sick fight.
12/23/11 3:05:02PM
That's a great fight for both guys right now. I'd be really happy to see it happen.
12/23/11 3:10:15PM
Tony by UD.
12/23/11 3:22:21PM
I'd love to see that.
12/23/11 3:31:30PM
would be awesome
12/23/11 3:32:24PM
Hate to see somebody lose there.
12/23/11 5:53:35PM
Would be an entertaining fight.
12/23/11 7:01:18PM
I'd take Ferguson for sure.
12/23/11 7:37:53PM
Would be a nice fight
12/24/11 12:33:11AM
Agreed sick ass fight! These guys would bang for sure! Def UD for tony dudes boxing is NIIICEEE! Dont even care who wins tho these two will go all out.

Even though i hope jeremey is honest since he has turned to his wrestling alot which made for ok fights but not the classics that dude is capable of with his chin and power. Was actually totally suprised he did that was pettis and downey. Stout is damn good technical striker with a solid chin and jeremey beat him with aggression and nasty body shots i think would have put those two in mean trouble if he fought the whole 15min that way since both their frames are super small compared to stout who kinda thicker.
12/24/11 1:35:16AM
This should be a good fight. Both like to stand. I smell fight of the night honors for this one if it should happen.
12/24/11 6:11:25PM
Whilst Ferguson evolves as a fighter (as he's only 27) I actually wouldn't mind seeing this fight. Give him a couple more exciting fights, Stephens, Pearson, Siver, Etim, Taylor etc. Then after that give him Bocek or someone who will test his wrestling again, then should he win all those fights, he'd not only be an exciting entertaining fighter but it would also suggest he is very well rounded and he'd be in the mix!
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