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6/2/11 9:18:38PM
LAS VEGAS – Every season of "The Ultimate Fighter" has a villain. After the season, that villain usually wants to let the world know that he's not really a villain, he just plays one – or is portrayed as one through editing – on TV.

Tony Ferguson is the Season 13 villain, and on Thursday, two days ahead of his fight in the finale against Ramsey Nijem, he said he's looking forward to making amends for his actions late in the season, when he was shown commenting about housemate Charlie Rader's family situation, setting off this season's biggest house brouhaha.

6/2/11 9:54:13PM
The guy made a complete fool of himself. I hate angry drunks. I'm the happiest drunk you'll ever meet.
6/2/11 10:02:37PM
win with a finish and Fans will forget.

Although a smarter man would go Chael Sonnen with this and make himself the biggest heel going.

That seems to be the easiest way to make a name for yourself.

Its worked wonders for Kos, Lesnar, Sonnen, Tito, The Diaz Bros, even Bisping is a bigger draw because we all want to see him get KO'ed.

At the end of the day it doesn't really matter WHY people watch you fight, if they show up to watch you lose, they're still helping pay your salary.
6/3/11 2:33:50AM
Tony gets from Uncle Chael
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