Where is Tony DeSouza

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1/8/09 12:04:54AM
Did he retire, I'm assuming he was dropped by the UFC but I'm surprised he hasn't been signed to another organizations, assuming he still fights
1/8/09 10:25:45AM
He hasn't fought in over a year (UFC 79 at the end of 07), and I didn't find much on his Wiki page.

I'm interested in finding out what he's doing as well.

He's probably just in Hawaii training with BJ (probably doing more coaching, though), and teaching the Peruvian necktie to anybody that wants to learn.
1/8/09 9:51:20PM
yeah I was guessing he was in Hawaii too
1/8/09 10:46:46PM
Most likely is coaching BJJ somwhere. Like you guys said probably in Hawai
1/11/09 2:27:25PM
My guess is the same as yours. In Hawaii teaching/coaching BJJ.
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