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2/6/13 2:03:59AM
I won't post any spoilers here, but I do just want to say HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

That was crazy.
2/6/13 2:12:27AM
2/6/13 2:13:31AM
Barboza would be proud
2/6/13 4:49:48AM
to not make it a spoiler....

did _____ die?
2/6/13 5:08:45AM
I seen it WOW
2/6/13 7:50:05AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Barboza would be proud

Damn near cloned his. Even the way dude fell to the floor. Very Etim esq.
2/6/13 9:54:50AM
2/6/13 10:11:18AM
Hurt my jaw watching it. Dude made 25gs. All week I thought it was going to be the other easy around.

Amazing highlight. Wonder if it'll be added to the baba I Reilly bid.
2/6/13 10:16:23AM
I almost think that was better than Barboza's. That was pure insanity. Im just glad the other dude woke up.
2/6/13 10:21:49AM
When I first heard it I thought they added a sound effect, but after rewinding and listening to it over again a few times, I realized that it was just the most sickening thud I've heard in an MMA fight. That was cringe worthy. "I hope you don't hate me after this." - That made me feel bad for the guy, he showed some real humanity there.
2/6/13 10:33:41AM

Posted by pmoney

I almost think that was better than Barboza's. That was pure insanity. Im just glad the other dude woke up.

I disagree $

I think the Barboza kick was better. Shit Terry tries to prop Edson while he is falling backwards knocked out cold check out his right hand

2/6/13 12:23:46PM
2/6/13 12:52:01PM
I feel asleep after the Pens game woke up started channel surfing as I hit FX I was like oh shit thats right there is a fight tonight. No less then 10 seconds later dude was dead on the mat.
2/6/13 1:52:54PM
Very sick Ko
25 grand right there.
Was disappointed that Casey isn't fighting bubba
2/6/13 4:41:33PM
Im glad I dont watch this live and wait until the next day. The whole back stories and drama etc, I just fast forward through. I cannot stand Josh or Bubba and hoping they get finished in their fights.
2/7/13 1:44:49PM
I just watched it on the, just wow. Dana hyped it just right that time. He seemed like genuinely felt bad afterwards.

I have to say that the conversation he had with Chael about self-doubt was pure gold too. These guys are all tough as hell but they struggle with self-doubt and fears too. Good stuff. Very motivational.
2/8/13 12:27:26AM
I thought this episode was the ambulance episode where it carries off a black guy (or so it looked like under super slow motion on pvr)...and this event had the craziest KO ever (according to Dana).
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