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3/28/08 1:11:20PM
Since Big Tim is holding off on his announcement and making us watch Inside MMA for the big news, here is the preview video:


If you'll listen to what BJM says near the 6:05 mark, it sound like either Miletich dropped the bomb...or perhaps Tim made a video appearance earlier in the show.
3/28/08 2:54:38PM
Miletich makes the best point in the whole show.
The fighters do need to be the focus point or the sport wont grow. He hit the nail on the head everyone knows the Calzaghe vs. Hopkins fight is coming and it will sell out, but the majority of casual fans of MMA just know when the next UFC is not who's fighting an defiantly not who's the world elite.

Sorry i got side tracked! Haha yeah Big John let the cat out the bag there!! I wonder where Tim's going to sign?

Haha i love Frays voice! Its how i imagine Action Man to talk!
3/28/08 4:41:15PM
Excellent find man, and I caught the whole "and Tim Sylvia now too" remark BJM made.

The whole WAMMA thing sounds like one of the greatest ideas ever implemented into MMA. The UFC will be in a position that if they don't cooperate they will miss out on some of the best fighters who are interested in fighting the world's best to determine who actually is the best (yeah, that's a record for saying the word "best" the most times in a sentence).
3/28/08 5:19:04PM
Heard he's signed with M-1.
3/28/08 8:07:38PM
I heard he signed DREAM.... rmors wil be rumors, let sit back and see how it all unfolds. If Tim is not in the UFC, i think he wil end up getting the short end of the stick. I can see Tims career being pretty much over in a year or 2.
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