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3/31/08 2:56:09AM
By its very nature, fighting is a solitary sport. When the bell rings, you don’t have other team members in the Octagon with you, helping you achieve victory. There is no one to blame, nowhere to run. On the other hand, any fighter will tell you that while you may enter competition alone, it is a team effort to get you to that point, with trainers, training partners, nutritionists, conditioners, and managers all doing their part to get you ready to fight.

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4/4/08 9:41:38AM
its too bad that tommy got beat so bad i wanted him to win but he got dominated for the 53 seconds that the fight lasted
4/4/08 10:34:55AM
MMA is changing... The reign of the two dimensional, non-athletic fighter is over in LW, WW & MW division. The competition is getting to fast and to well rounded.
4/4/08 3:58:07PM
I was surprised at how easily Johnson beat him. There needs to be a rematch with George Sotiropoulos next to see if it was just the eye-poke that allowed him to get that win. I think he gets smashed this time around if he rematches Sotiropoulos.
4/4/08 10:51:51PM
I like Tommy. He is a good guy. He will never be any type of force in MMA. he is one dimenisional at best. He is STRONG. Well that proved good against somone stronger. He has basically no skill set outside of wrestleing. He is what Matt Hughes would be if he started in MMA today.
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