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6/17/07 8:54:17PM

Last Saturday, Tommy “The Duke” Morrison stepped into the Octagon for the first time ever, but this was not a normal mixed martial arts contest. Morrison drew a lot of criticism for allegedly “changing the rules” at the last minute for his bout with John Stover, which Morrison ultimately won by knockout in the first round. Here, Morrison explains that the fight was never to be anything more than a hands-only stand up striking match. He also refutes the claims by his former “attorney”/agent/publicist Randy Lang that he is HIV positive. Read on to see what Morrison has to say on these and other topics.

6/17/07 10:29:52PM
"SN: Do you think you will ever participate in an MMA event again?

TM: I’m not too excited about doing another one and I’m damn sure not going to do another one for the money they paid me. I’d do it again if they make it worth my while. I proved my point, I’m not the one who opened my mouth. They really thought this guy was going to beat me."

Wow, please die. Morrison needs to fight in an ACTUAL MMA ******* FIGHT before he starts shit talking like he is now
6/17/07 10:31:50PM
note, this is a boxing website...
6/17/07 11:15:54PM
TM: I proved my point.

What point...that you can box in a cage?
6/18/07 1:24:10AM
LOL I didn't even click on the link, this guy was a boxer who got owned by Lennox Lewis and he fought some 300 lbs can in an exhibition boxing match inside an octagon. WOW...the fact he's not fighting again proves he's HIV positive.
6/19/07 12:57:35AM
i put morrison as my favorite fighter as a joke.....i had no idea he was runnin around beion a jerkoff....better change it to butterbean
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