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2/21/07 10:12:15PM
Tommy Morrison Returns

The star of Rocky 5, Tommy Morrison, is stepping back into the ring tomorrow. This is a guy who tested positive for HIV in 1996, basically ending his career. He has been in and out of jail and is now a born-again Christian.

Tommy was on the Dan Patrick Show today and WOW. This is one angry, whacked out dude. Claims that steroids caused him to have a false positive HIV test and that he will be a "contender" within a month. I will provide a link to the interview if I can find it. Very good interview.
2/21/07 10:23:38PM
his nickname is "the duke" not gun. his great-uncle was john wayne so he took his
nickname in honor of him
2/21/07 10:26:56PM
Yeah, he was Tommy Gunn in Rocky 5. Either way, even if his nickname was CroCop, this guy is f'n insane.
2/22/07 1:50:39AM
Insane or not, he has one of the most brutal boxing KO's I've ever seen. The guy was unconcious, but got hit so hard he became tangled in the ropes, so he just hanged there like a puppet with the strings cut.
2/22/07 2:05:06AM
Unless he got the glass jaw fixed I don't think it will matter. Twice i've seen him dominating a fight, and get one shot dropped. I hope he does well though, he was exciting .
2/22/07 9:05:06AM
he had one of the best left hooks i've ever seen. but like hippy said, his chin is very suspect.
2/22/07 3:21:52PM
So the fact he has AIDs doesn't matter now? Id be real careful about cutting him.
2/22/07 4:08:03PM
This fight is taking place in West Virginia. WV is the only state in the U.S. that does not require fighters to take a blood test before a fight. Intentional or coincidence?

Either way, there's no way in hell i'd step in the ring with this guy without seeing definate blood test results for myself.

What took him 10 years to get another HIV/AIDS test?
2/22/07 8:54:55PM
Morrison has undergone every HIV test on the market, including ones that are not even FDA approved that take into account your RNA and DNA and the results have come back negative. I would say he is clean, but I would not want to risk it, still.

As for WV being the only state that does not require a blood test, that is correct. But they made Tommy take one. I guess all precautions must be taken. He is one f'd up dude, for sure.
2/23/07 5:00:55AM

Posted by deadcore

he had one of the best left hooks i've ever seen.

Apparently he still does.

Morrison KO's opponent in 2nd round.
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