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6/10/07 9:54:05AM
Just won his mma fight. Knocked the guy out in the first round. Broke his nose.
6/10/07 8:12:58PM
Not really an MMA fight, I believe the time on the ground was limited. Tommy is smart, he knows in a real MMA match he would get tooled since he's not interesting in learning about anything on the ground. Maybe he should try K-1.
6/10/07 9:54:30PM
I agree that Morrison might get submitted in a actual MMA fight, but he is old and has aids so that means nothing. Fact is he knocked him out and broke his nose.
6/10/07 10:22:28PM
That was a Boxing fight with MMA gloves,no elbows,no kicks,no ground,only punches.

I would love to see Morrison taping out in a real MMA fight.
6/10/07 10:49:27PM

Fact is that it was a boxing match with 4 oz. gloves. No fighting on the ground, no elbows, no knees, no kicks???........

IMO, Morrison is making a mockery of the sport. He comes out talking all this trash about how he can fight and win in mma, even challenging Chuck Liddell. Then he can't even fight in a legitimate mixed martial arts fight against some guy that no one has ever heard of that doesn't have even one career professional fight under his belt.

That fight proved nothing other than John Stover isn't the brightest crayon in the box. "Some people would be terrified of the rumors," said Stover, "but I gave him a shot." A shot at what? A shot to bleed on you and possibly give you AIDS. Although I am wondering how much he was paid, there was way to many reasons to not take the fight.

It's odd to me that ever since Morrison's claim that he actually doesn't have HIV and his return to fighting, both of his fights came in parts of the country that do not require blood test. Why would it make a difference if they gave up the blood if they were launching a lawsuit? If the blood does prove to be negative, it would only help him in whatever proceedings there may be.

I don't know wether Morrison actually has the virus or not, but there's only one way to find out and he's not making it happen. HIV or no HIV, I don't think Morrison should have anything to do with mma.

6/10/07 11:05:00PM
I will be mad if Sherdog puts this fight in the's hardly worth mentioning on an MMA sight in any fashion.
6/11/07 9:22:44AM
Definately not an MMA-fight.

Everything about him seems fishy. If he's clean, why would he fought outside of the athletic commissions jurisdiction?

He's probably still HIV positive and should be put in jail for attempt at manslaughter and so should the promoter.
Or better yet, both shot.
6/11/07 1:35:51PM
Morrison is a bum.
6/11/07 4:15:33PM

Posted by grappler0000

I will be mad if Sherdog puts this fight in the's hardly worth mentioning on an MMA sight in any fashion.

It shouldn't be on there, they only put up sanctioned fights if I remember correct.
6/11/07 6:52:48PM
Then is it really fighter bashing if we talk shit about him lol. cuz the fighter bashing applys to MMA fighters. and he won a boxing match with the mma gloves. so let the bashing begin!
6/12/07 3:58:12PM
no love here for my fav boxer??
6/13/07 9:13:01AM

Posted by jdubs

no love here for my fav boxer??

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6/14/07 1:23:14AM
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