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8/19/07 9:55:56PM
I think this fight is going to be a war. I am putting my money on Tomas Drwal :)
There's a highlight video for those like me who do not know him yet that much .

8/19/07 10:00:55PM
I think i'll go thiago silva, dont know much about tomasz.
8/19/07 11:21:45PM
I personally am picking Silva in this fight because he is undefeated and trains out of Chute Boxe
8/20/07 1:46:15PM
I'm picking Drwal too, he's a beast of a fighter! I think this is a great thread because I expect it to be a war too! Two awesome looking up & coming fighters.
8/25/07 7:24:14PM
I am also picking Drwal to win. He is a beast and Silva was getting knocked around by the "Sandman" before he succumbed to an unfortunate knee injury. Drwal looks to have a better stand up than Silva. Silva does train out of Chute Boxe though. This fight could go to decision.
8/26/07 10:42:31AM
Here's another video of Drwal, except he gets held down pretty badly by this less than impressive bloke. Maybe Drwal is worth putting a few bucks on because his odds are big, but I'm a little too scared to drop the motherload on 'im
8/26/07 11:25:30PM
Thiago is a warrior, hes up and coming competition after he takes drwal out.
9/2/07 3:20:51PM
Still a week to go . Hopefuly Spike tv is going to show more then just 4 fights and we'll be able to see Drval vs Silva instead of 2 hr. of food commercials.
9/2/07 4:21:31PM
thiago silva by a very quick 1st round KO
9/2/07 5:39:21PM
...Silva by a very quick KO going down I understand LightsOut33093 :D
9/2/07 6:37:32PM

Posted by duniek

Silva by a very quick KO is going down i understand LightsOut33093 :D

Can you speak english?
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