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7/21/07 7:19:03PM
I honestly don't know who to pick in this one, they both like to stand and trade, but I think Drwal has the better striking. I don't know a whole lot about Drwal but after seeing his video, I know he's certainly got skills! He's 13-1 and I think he could make an impact in the 205 division. Here's a good HL of him check him out, he's got striking like Wanderlei and GNP like Fedor.

Tomasz Drwal

Who takes it and why?
7/21/07 7:42:52PM
He looks a little soft for 205 but that was some nice ground and pound. he never utilized the thai clinch, that might hurt him against a chute boxe guy and i think silva is faster on his feet. Drwal might want to take him down and pound him out, should be a good one i can't really pick who wins.
7/21/07 9:16:41PM
ive been on the tomasz drawl bandwagon for almost a full year now, ive had him in my signature on mmaforum for quite a bit.

i'll be rooting for him to win!
7/22/07 12:05:09AM
Silva baby

gota show the love for Chuteboxe

7/22/07 8:06:47AM
Should be a close fight, but I'm rootinf for Silva to win.

7/22/07 3:27:15PM
Drwal has a good advantage on the ground and he can land bombs, War Drwal!!
7/23/07 2:19:13AM
on the ground? in this HL of tomas he didnt use the BJJ,thiago is a black belt of BJJ...
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