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10/16/09 8:20:58PM
Several fights began coming together for a planned UFC Fight Night 20 in Virginia in January, the first of which is Tom Lawlor vs. Aaron Simpson. Both have verbally agreed to the fight, paperwork goes out shortly.

10/16/09 8:24:26PM
Aaron Simpson is an absolute beast. he is a little old, but man the guy is just an amazing talent. can't wait to see what he does in the MW division
10/16/09 9:31:49PM
I don't know if Tom Lawlor is ready for a guy like Simpson. He's very athletic and explosive and is also well rounded. I gotta go with Simpson in this one as Lawlor is a similar opponent to Ed Herman as far as skill set goes and Simpson didn't have much trouble with him. Then again, Lawlor surprised me against Dolloway and you never know what new tricks a guy is going to come out with the next time he fights.

For the record I really like "Filthy" Tom Lawlor and I'd like to see him matched up with Jake Rosholt. I think that has the makings of a good fight.
10/16/09 9:31:57PM
I hope Simpson smashes lawlor here. Should be a good scrap though.
10/16/09 9:38:15PM
Good fight, Lawlor will basically have fought all the members of ACS after this one. Bader on the show, CB in the UFC and now Simpson. Unfortunately for Lawlor, Simpson is better everywhere and is a tireless worker, I see him TKO''ing Lawloor.
10/16/09 9:40:08PM
Aww, man... I'm so happy for my buddy Aaron that he's moving up in the ranks quickly. I'm so unhappy for myself that the secret is out on him, though. It was nice making a killing off of him while it lasted
10/16/09 10:13:06PM
Simpsons the most exciting newcomer in MW. Hell smash Lawlor in the first round. I want to see him get someone better though
10/16/09 11:11:35PM
i think simpson will beat him down
10/16/09 11:39:21PM
I thought Lawlor was going to fight Kyacey Uscola from KOTC??
10/17/09 8:17:30AM
Should be a good fight, I think Lawlor has the skills to win this one, you never know.
10/17/09 5:45:30PM
can't count lawlor out anymore, after he destroyed CB at UFC100...

A-Train is too much trouble though, and I see Simpson taking it
10/17/09 10:19:10PM
Sitting on the fence right yet, gotta go back and watch some of Simpsons fights before i make a pick.
10/18/09 11:16:07AM
Aaron Simpson is a tough dude. He should beat Tom Lawlor impressively.
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