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11/13/12 11:21:55PM
After a lot of talk with my family and Coaches. I have decided to retire from fighting and focus on my family, my Academy, and helping my students to achieve their goals. I have had the opportunity to win the Pan American games, the No Gi World Championships, and National Championships, the Abu Dhabi trials and compete in Abu Dhabi. I have competed all over the world at 30 years old. I fought for Ring of Combat and won their titles. I made it to UFC in a year and a half. I know I am no where near my prime, however I feel my time is better spent else where. At this time I feel it's best for me to give my time to others, and spend more time with my family. The drive to keep fighting is not there any longer. I have an amazing Academy and feel my students need my full attention. Maybe I will return to Jiu-Jitsu competition. Thanks to everyone for the support. It's been an awesome ride. God Bless.

11/14/12 1:52:37AM
Wow that was a touching post. Not very old at 30 and still time to improve, but if he feels he would rather help his teammates and be with his family then he should deffs go with his heart. I have a feeling in a year or so this guy will be back.
11/14/12 5:59:51AM
Nice post, I wish him the best in whatever he does in the future.
11/14/12 6:29:48AM
DeBlass is classy as can be. Kudos to him for even stepping in the cage!

11/14/12 8:52:55AM
If the passion to fight isn't there and the passion to teach and coach is, that is definitely the best move. Probably easier on his family as well.
11/14/12 1:31:18PM

Posted by emfleek

DeBlass is classy as can be. Kudos to him for even stepping in the cage!

Nothing but pure class!!!

I became an instant fan of his after his MMA@Work interview.