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1/9/10 9:36:22PM
WTF. this is nuts! I didn't know togos had a soccer team that played in the African Cup of Nations.

LUANDA, Angola -- Gunmen in an area plagued by separatist violence used machine guns to open fire Friday on a bus carrying Togo's national soccer team to a tournament in this southwest African country, killing the driver and wounding at least nine people, including two players. Some players said they wanted to pull out of the African Cup of Nations tournament following the violence, but an official in Angola said it would go ahead as planned. Togo's bus in a convoy from Congo was six miles across the border in Angola when it came under fire. The bus driver died in the 30-minute ambush, according to Togo captain Emmanuel Adebayor, who was not hurt.

ESPN Report

Seriously, crazy thing to read and think about. It's hard to imagine that some people are stupid enough to do something like this.
1/9/10 11:01:56PM
This is almost laughably idiotic. Even for a seperatist/terrorist group, what good comes from shooting up a busload of soccer players? I can't think of one good reason how this benefits anyone, especially in a regiion of the world where soccer is so popular.
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