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2/28/08 1:56:50AM
Interview with Big Nog:

On whether Silva is the best striker in MMA:

“I think so, in MMA, for sure. He hits hard, that guy. It’s like someone throw a chair on your head, a big chair. It’s like a heavyweight. There’s not many heavyweights that can hit like him. It’s different because it’s so powerful, but got a good speed. You cannot see the hands coming. When you cannot see, that’s the one that knocks you out, the one you are not ready to get.”

You can listen to the audio of the entire interview, which is about 18 minutes, or you can check out a rundown of the interview at this link:
2/28/08 3:08:03AM
That was a cool interview. He asked a lot of the questions a regular fan would ask, I think. Was almost like sitting down and just eating lunch with noguiera haha
2/28/08 8:46:53AM
Black belt in JJ in 3 years? damn.
2/28/08 10:46:46AM
good interview , gotta love Big Nog , still rooting for Danny though :)
2/29/08 6:14:23PM
Yup he seems like a pretty cool dude, but I hope Henderson knocks his buddies head off.....
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