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9/9/09 6:27:13PM
Following his impressive seven-second win over Tim Hague at UFC 102 in August, heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee (5-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) made it clear he wanted to fight as quickly as possible.

The UFC will apparently oblige.

9/9/09 6:47:16PM
The kid sure is strong, would love to see him put a few wins together.
9/9/09 7:00:06PM
I'd like to see him fight the CroCop/Dos Santos winner.
9/9/09 7:13:27PM
if i had to guess i'd probably say he's fighting Gonzaga next.
9/9/09 7:20:45PM
He's still hungry, that was just an appetizer he says

How ironic it would be if someone knocked him out in 6 seconds lol
9/9/09 7:23:40PM
my guess is mike russow bout or chris turcherer
i couldn't spell his last name to save my life
9/9/09 7:25:54PM
Me and a buddy of mine were discussing this earlier. I would love to see him fight Cheick Kongo next and have Frank rematch Nog. I doubt they will give Todd someone as popular as Kongo though. I see them giving him someone like Al-Turk or Stefan Struve if they aren't tied up during that time.
9/9/09 8:06:38PM
I don't think he gets a big name yet, probably a guy that he will beat, stefan struve denis stonjic or somebody like that.
9/9/09 8:38:03PM
Look for him to fight someone simular to his last guy. An guy not to skilled who is just big. Hague was not a greatly skilled or athletic guy. Just big. So Duffe was able to do whatever he wanted to him and Hague couldnt get out of his own way. Duffee needs to avoid the smaller more mobile strikers, the big technical wrestlers.

A good showcase fight for him would be Justin McCully. Justin is dependant on putting his opponent on his back but lacks the technical wrestling ability to get anyone down of any decent ability. Justin is slower on the feet allowing Duffee to tee off with little worry and be able to GnP if needed with no sub threat.

I think Russo and Tucherer are to dangerous for him. Russo has to much experience and to much potential as a contender himself to try ad throw him down the drain in a fight neither have much to gain from. Tucherer has a high level of wrestling. His other skills are lacking which would probably get him beat. But there is the chance Duffees size makes him a slow target to takedown over and over for an embarracingly boring decision.

Other good Showcase Opponents are.

Mustafa Al Turk
Stefan Struve

or if you want to step up the risk just slightly

Neil Grove
Denis Stojnic
Roy Nelson

are all winnable fights for him on paper.
9/9/09 8:42:14PM

Posted by nickcuc547

I don't think he gets a big name yet, probably a guy that he will beat, stefan struve denis stonjic or somebody like that.

Agree. i posted the same thing due to not reading the replys. Struve is a safer fight just because Deis has power and Duffee has an untested chin. But both would be good second fights. Maybe Roy Nelson, Gonzaga, and Carwin as 3 and 4th fights depending how impressive he is in his second fight.
9/9/09 8:44:10PM
Im scared for whoever has to face Duffee next.
9/9/09 9:12:57PM
Id like to see him fight Stojnic...that dude has an iron chin and throws with purpose..

still think Duffee would put him to sleep...but it would be fun while it lasts!!
9/9/09 11:13:30PM
grove and stonjic have already both been canned so he wont be fighting one of them
I could see him fighting Hardonk next
9/10/09 4:11:01PM
I forgot about Stojnic getting canned...crap

but Hardonk fights Barry at 104, so that wont happen either.

I guess unless its fresh meat, Russow and Turcheseresrrhrercher are about the onyl choices..if they are planning on staying lower level still (which I think they should)
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