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7/8/09 2:07:36PM
With original opponent Mike Russow now slated to face Justin McCully at UFC 102, Todd Duffee will now face Tim Hague at 102. This will be Duffee's UFC debut, he was to have debuted at UFC 99 but was pulled for Mirko Cro Cop.

7/8/09 2:13:07PM
good to see new guys fight each other was looking forward to russow vs duffee
but now man i don't know who takes this, i am leaning toward duffee
7/8/09 3:46:03PM
Duffee should win this..I wasn't to impressed with Hague..he was rocked and nearly finished in his last fight..and didn't really show any offense.

Barry just got cocky, and didn't finish him when he had the chance...and paid for it.
7/8/09 3:46:07PM
Im going with Hague again!
7/8/09 3:52:50PM
Duffee's a sharp young prospect and Hague will probably not be able to handle him; unlike Pat Barry, Duffee's time with ATT has helped him define a more well-rounded style. Russow vs. Duffee looked like a much more competitive fight, but I totally understand the UFC abandoning it in order to give both fighters a chance to establish themselves.

This is the third fighter they've lined Duffee up to fight.
7/8/09 10:20:57PM
Good match-up.Todd is 4-0,while he has yet to fight in the ufc,his last fight was a victory over Silva in Brazil.Tim"The Thrashing Machine"Hague(i love that name)is a very big game newcomer.He has some heart as well as a love to stand and bang.Tim just might have some trouble with Todd if he finds himself on the ground,but with Todd you get a guy who is not afraid to engage standing as well.
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