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11/21/12 4:26:55PM
Two years after he left, Todd Duffee (7-2 MMA, 1-1 UFC) is returning to the octagon.

The 26-year-old heavyweight is set to fight Phil De Fries (9-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) at UFC 155, according to a recent report by Las Vegas Sun that was also confirmed by UFC officials.

UFC 155 takes place Dec. 29 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and airs live on pay-per-view and FX.

Duffee fills in for Matt Mitrione, who was slated to fight De Fries before he replaced an injured Shane Carwin against Roy Nelson at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

11/21/12 4:33:18PM
De Fries is gonna get smoked.
11/21/12 4:34:52PM
Duffee is one big dude. De Fries is going to get man handled.
11/21/12 4:35:52PM
Happy to see Duffee back. Decent test for him on his welcome back fight. Still expect him to win.
11/21/12 5:02:51PM
Dana can't stay mad at big buff men.
11/21/12 5:05:12PM
Glad Duffee is back never really got why he was let go...
11/21/12 5:32:40PM
The rumor was he was threatening event or UFC staff, etc.....
Glad he is getting a second shot, I thought he was a fun fighter to watch....except in that horrible display against Overeem.
11/21/12 5:34:28PM

He had a strange UFC run indeed
Smashed Tim Hague in 7 seconds
Got his block knocked off in the 3rd by Russow
Gets fired?

Glad to see him back tho!
11/21/12 5:55:22PM
I didn't see this coming. Good fight though. De Fries might be taking a nap.
11/21/12 6:31:14PM
I love it! Duffee is still pretty young and I'm expecting him to have improved quite a bit, I've never seen his ground game so unless his BJJ is awful I think he can keep this standing and get a KO.
11/21/12 6:40:51PM
very glad Duffee is back
11/21/12 6:46:12PM
No muff is to tuff for the duff
11/21/12 7:41:54PM
Glad to see he's back. he needs to step up his schedule, though.
11/21/12 8:17:24PM
Nice to ser duffee back.
Wow another Ufc duffee fight. Seen all his Ufc fights live
Streak continues at 155
11/21/12 10:37:47PM
so a loss to overeem and then one win outside the octagon warrants a return? i do think that duffee has lots of potential but it seems odd to comeback so soon.
11/21/12 10:44:16PM
It is on the surface, but bear in mind his young age, his physical gifts, and the division in which he fights. Most guys that big and talented do other sports.

Also, Tim Hague got called back up after just a few wins. And this is a guy who, you know, no knock on him but he's a regional kind of guy. He's used to being bigger, stronger, and craftier on the ground. He starts getting hit by the better strikers and he's gonna crumble.

Don't get me wrong, the Russow and Overweem fights derailed the Duffee train significantly, but he's good enough to be in the UFC and we'll see if any of the alleged attitude issues have been resolved.
11/22/12 2:38:55AM
I don't know how I missed this headline! Glad Duffee is back.

I thought every buff dude was on my radar!
11/22/12 4:24:17AM
todd duffee is hungry and he finally gets to have some fries.
11/22/12 11:50:11AM
I think there are better HW out there than Duffee. He is one dimensional, and 53 seconds of action since his last UFC fight is hardly proving himself. At 27 he is 3 years older than Struve and one year younger than JDS, and nowhere near their levels of all round skills at their ages. He brings nothing to the division in my opinion, other than lighting up a few mid ranked 20+ fighters, he will struggle against any of the top 15 - 20 ranked and bottled it big time against The Reem. Saying that, he is ranked number one in super fight league.

SFL Rankings

1...Todd Duffee
2...James Thompson
3...Neil Grove
4...Bobby Lashley
5...Jimmy Ambriz