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7/12/08 9:47:34PM
So I haven't been watching too much boxing as of late but there just so happened to be a fight today on HBO Wladimer Klichko or somthin like that the last time I watched this guy fight he was KOed be Corey Sanders a no name given to this great up and comer to just murder. Anyway is this what the great HW divison has come to this was one of the worst fights I have ever seen this champ looked so sloppy it wasn't even fun to watch the challanger Tony "the Tiger looked just as bad this fight today showed a lot of what boxing has become I know there are great fighters out there but there seems to be a lot of ducking and doging good up and comers hell even Pretty Boy wouldn't step up to fight Cotto who now is probly going to leave De La Hoya with a loss in his last fight one of the last few in Oscar who no matter what will always fight the best out there anyway Boxing really turned me away with todays fight if you watched it you know what I mean hell the Ko looked rigged as "the Tiger" looked like he just wanted to take a nap in the middle of the ring.
7/12/08 9:58:02PM
lets not talk about Klitschko
If you cant spell his last name correctly and the last fight you seen of him was corey not speak of the man
7/12/08 9:58:21PM
Heavyweights today aren't what the were because of the ukranians and cruiserweight division. Boxing could be stacked full of hungry talented guys if there wasn't as much money and weightclasses were done differently. Also the main screwup in all of boxing has been the boxing councils. The guys are in it solely for money and cut boxers off from superfights because they want to have the top guy.

It's just screwed right now and when it comes down to it the sport itself is screwed. In MMA one of the reasons guys don't get destroyed when they fight someone 5 or even10 pounds heavier is bacause muscle is useful. Despite what mister Rossboxing himself says, muscle will gas you more quickly, so really you have guys that really need short defined weight divisions and that just doesn't work to the advantage of top matchups.

On top of all of this there is a misconception that bigger, fluffier gloves are good for safety when in fact they are adding weight, momentum, and power to every punch. They cause fighters to gas more easily and make defending as simple as zero headmovement with hands over face. Look at Ronald (winky) Wright's style. All a fighter has to do to avoid a KO is cover up.

7/12/08 10:57:06PM
Hated to see Wladimir's opponent, Tony Thompson, take the loss. Local product (Washington DC) who had a 27-fight unbeaten streak snapped. Thompson got a lot of coverage in the sports section the last couple days.
7/13/08 12:11:41AM

Posted by casketcoin

lets not talk about Klitschko
If you cant spell his last name correctly and the last fight you seen of him was corey not speak of the man

Why say anything if you don't want to talk the dude hasn't fought anyone he blew his one chance at lewis and got KOed if he got the shot his brother did he would have lost just because the last fight I seen was that long ago doesn't mean I havent paid attention lets face it when his bro come out of retirement he bro will be consiterd better if he did get cut the way he did vs Lewis he would most likely retired the champ and the little bro would have never got a shot anyway in the end I wouldn't even say the dude is just that much better than the rest like say a Roy Jones jr was in the 90s because he isn't even close

any why say anything if you don't want to talk the fight was bad and he didn't look good at all whats that 2 fights and not impressive
7/13/08 12:13:33AM
It's a shame,honestly ever since i began watching MMA I can't, and don't even watch boxing anymore.I couldn't tell you who the best fighters are or even the champions in any weight class.
7/13/08 1:24:17PM
im huge Klitschko fan......... if u havent been watching youve been missing out IMO

dude's gonna be ******* people up for a couple more years, but if his brother stays healthy, u better watch out for vitale

7/13/08 10:02:45PM
Somehow i just lost interest in it,he's that good a fighter I should check out his next fight?Are them guys you mentioned hw's?
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