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7/3/12 11:08:19PM
7/3/12 11:21:04PM
Wow. Never seen Silva act that way. Hope Chael can back up all that talk, because it appears he's awoken the animal in Anderson.
7/3/12 11:22:03PM
only thing Silva forgot to do was blow a kiss
7/3/12 11:49:13PM

Posted by Adrenaline

I think its officially "on like donkey kong"

Another link

Andy tries to kiss him

They brought up the kiss question on UFC Tonight. He laughed. lol
7/3/12 11:58:16PM
I say Silva wins, Rd 1 sub via French kiss.
7/4/12 12:33:25AM
Here's a montage of Chael's best responses from the press conference today for those who missed it. So much gold in there as usual, he's just hilarious.

Here's Andy's statements as well. He's not a happy camper, I have a bad feeling for Chael.
7/4/12 2:45:03AM
chael looks like he's running for president.
7/5/12 6:12:22PM
Silva will embarrass Chael in this one, he will dance around the octagon and humiliate him once and for all ...
7/6/12 9:39:29AM
Nice sweatpants, Chael. Country Kitchen Buffet after the conference?
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