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3/3/11 3:17:11PM
Wow what a brutal one week on picks
Eeked out a 7-4 record this past weekend.
Now the fights tonight

A lot of 50/50 fights, I had a hell of a time picking


Some tough choices. If I can split them. For me is a win
But if I go 1-5. I am gonna be pissed
Anyways. Good luck to everyone tonight

If anyone goes 9 plus wins tonight. Should get a bonus of ten extra points
3/3/11 4:08:25PM
I agree, a lot of close fights. I ended up completely switching every pick from here, to the opposite on another fantasy site I play.
3/3/11 4:38:27PM
I'm betting the house on Kampmann. I haven't been more confident about a fight in a while... I see Kampmann winning at least 75%... Talk is cheap, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is and have bet a lot on it.
3/3/11 11:20:31PM
Crazy night!!!

Looks like I would have gotten those extra ten points
I went 9-2. Lost cantwell and stevenson bouts
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