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4/24/12 6:04:49PM
Today, we were treated to a very interesting presser in Brazil, where Dana announced the move of the Silva/Sonnen rematch from Brazil to Las Vegas. Chael finally showed his face in the country where he is most hated (assuming we didn't see a Tupac-like hologram of Chael today). We had Chael being his normal self, interrupting and throwing barbs at an Anderson who was chastising Chael's demeanor. I was suprised how short it lasted, as apparently was Dana. After a day's worth of traveling with Chael, the media seemed content with just 15-20 minutes of translated questioning.

What I'm going to be talking about though is the staredown at the end. It was as awkward as it was intense, and I've broken it down into four distinct parts.

Part 1 - The Sweet Whisperings

In this first, failed, staredown; the dudes just get way too close. Chael tries to do his signature intense staredown but for some reason they are put 10 inches closer to each-other than they should be. This gives the appearance that the two men are sharing a special moment with each-other. "I wish I knew how to quit you, Andy."

Part 2 - The Attempted Robbery

This part made me laugh audibly, even though I was watching the presser alone. Dana realizes that the prior showing of affection was no staredown at all, and they needed to do another one. Also, Anderson Silva is given his belt by a handler. Chael reaches out to take the belt from an annoyed Anderson's hands. Dana smartly restrains Chael before it gets too serious.

Part 3 - The Photo-Op

Chael Sonnen, the constant entertainer. As they square up to take a non-romantic photo, it's seen that Chael will not be looking back at the champ, who was transfixed on Sonnen. In typical WWE/Chael fashion, Sonnen hams up for the camera and gives a big smile while Anderson seems unfazed scowling at Sonnen.

Part 4 - The Actual Staredown

After 1-2 minutes of attempting to stage a staredown for pressers, we finally get a few seconds of an actual staredown! Right before breaking the fighters up, they finally give-in and the rivals get a nice old-fashioned staredown in. Maybe after all the sweet whispers, both men were too bashful to stare at one another for more than a few seconds though. Either way, Anderson broke the gaze first and walked off the stage, leaving us all anxious for the fight now slated for the July 4th weekend in Vegas.
4/24/12 6:13:10PM
I had a good laugh from these.
4/24/12 7:19:54PM
Its impossible to hate Sonnen!
4/24/12 7:21:18PM

Posted by SmileR

Its impossible to hate Sonnen!

I actually find him easy to hate

to each his own i guess
4/24/12 7:36:22PM
Sonnen has been a little stale for me lately but he was pretty good at the press conference today.
4/24/12 7:43:58PM
The undisputed, undefeated, the linear champion and the absolute best middleweight on the face of the planet.
4/24/12 7:47:26PM

Posted by jesustapped

The undisputed, undefeated, the linear champion and the absolute best middleweight on the face of the planet.

Thank you.
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4/24/12 8:34:17PM
Chael reaching for the belt
4/24/12 8:51:22PM
He looks a little Dean Lister'ish in the pictures above. And like the bastard lovechild of Ken Shamrock and Stich Duran in the picture with the fake nose/glasses.
4/25/12 7:35:04PM
Oh my god, that picture with the disguise is hilarious. I felt more like I was watching a comedy show than an actual press conference watching that.

Goddamn, is UFC 148 going to be epic or what?
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