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3/24/07 7:36:06PM


Fighter No-Shows Weigh-Ins for Boxing Showdown Today With UFC Promoter White

By Loretta Hunt (loretta@thefightnetwork.com)

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz failed to appear yesterday to weigh in for an exhibition boxing match scheduled to take place today at noon at the Ultimate Fighter Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ortiz’s intended opponent, Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White, did step onto the scales and recorded a weight of 197 pounds, an allowable one-pound differential to the 196-pound limit set by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Ortiz would have been required to weigh in at 205 pounds for the three-round, three-minute stand-up bout.

The no-show was just another turn in what has become a mixed martial arts attraction paralleling what one could see in pro wrestling’s World Wrestling Entertainment storylines.

A disgruntled Ortiz, 32, has publicly stated he’d asked the boxing bout be added when he renegotiated his contract with the UFC organization in 2005. Prior to taking the helm of the UFC, 37-year-old White has acted as the dynamic fighter’s manager. The pair has both publicly vocalized their differences, but had agreed to leave it in the ring after the promoter-fighter showdown.

The bout had already been postponed once late last year when the NSAC intervened claiming it had jurisdiction to oversee it.

On March 5, the NSAC had voted 3-1 to allow the exhibition bout. World-renowned boxing referee Jay Nady has been assigned to officiate, says NSAC Executive Keith Kizer; while the venue’s resident Octagon had been removed and replaced with a boxing ring for today’s event. Kizer had watched White spar one week ago and gave final approval that day. Both applicants had agreed to wear head gear and use standard 10 ounce gloves, says Kizer.

“I’m not going to recommend this bout to the Commission again,” Kizer said today. “I’m very surprised Mr. Ortiz didn’t show up without as much as a phone call. It was a waste of me and my staff’s time.”

Kizer says that White had told him he’d received a voicemail from Ortiz two days prior saying he would “let him off the hook” but believed that to be pre-fight banter and that the bout was still on. Kizer says no disciplinary action will be pursued.

Spike TV has been documenting both participants’ preparations for the bout that was to have been broadcasted on the Internet with the majority of the proceeds going to charity. The cable channel still plans to air the documentary at a later time.

Neither White nor Ortiz could be reached for comment.

POSTED -- 03/24/07

3/24/07 8:29:49PM
its good for the sports image that it isnt happening. would have been better that it wasnt organised at all
3/24/07 11:22:55PM
Haha who'd thought that Tito would pussy out ..
Props to White for taking this fight seriously and **** Tito for being such a dick, don't even showing up.
3/25/07 12:03:38AM
I am betting Tito had something better do to, like train for his upcoming fight?!?!?... Besides, Tito Ortiz would of Knocked Out the Current UFC President, Dana White, For Sure!!!
3/25/07 12:04:17AM
i would imagine tito beating dana senseless if he showed up, but who knows maybe dana white was a runner up for golden gloves or some crazy shit
3/25/07 2:36:52AM
i call bs on this........i wonder how much dana paid tito NOT to show!..lol

3/25/07 9:10:46AM
Ive said it once, I'll say it again Tito is all bark and no bite.
3/25/07 12:16:46PM
why wouldn't he show? no way he is afraid of dana but for now im gonna say that is the reaon.
3/25/07 6:06:29PM
I could see why he wouldnt show up, its a lose-lose situation. If he wins wow good for you u knocked out Dana White u dick, and if he loses then his credibility as a fighter is totally destroyed and he is the laughing stock of the mma world. Whatta bitch though.
3/25/07 7:38:59PM
I don't think he's afraid of Dana either but an agreement is an agreement. Not even showing up is disrespectful as hell and especially when the money would go to charity or whatever good it was going to.

Even though it's a small thing really I lost some respect for him there. I thought he was a guy that honored his agreements and would keep his word.

Jenna probably has his dick in a leash.
3/25/07 8:54:43PM
Does a no show give Dana the win?
3/25/07 11:31:25PM
Tito is all about money and how he feels on any given day. He can be a good guy but he lets his emotions and wallet make his decisions. This was no surprise, but i really wanted to see this fight.
3/26/07 4:30:40AM
Apparently he wanted more money from UFC junkie.com. Crazy, bad decision Tito.

Report: Tito Ortiz Wanted More Money for Boxing Match with Dana White
Posted by UFC Junkie on March 25, 2007 at 7:36 pm ET
Tito Ortiz failed to make weigh-ins and caused the cancellation of his three-round boxing match with UFC president Dana White yesterday because he didn’t feel he was being compensated enough, according to an unnamed UFC official quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

Additionally, Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer told White and the UFC “not to waste his time asking the commission” for something like the boxing exhibition ever again.

I passed along the initial reports of the cancellation yesterday, which you can find in the archives.

What we didn’t know at the time was this report about the possibility Ortiz was unhappy with the financial arrangement. Considering Ortiz specifically asked for the boxing match as part of his contract negotiations last year — and considering White and Ortiz both publicly stated earlier this year that all proceeds from the bout would probably go to charity — the excuse seems rather thin.

From latimes.com:

Kizer was expecting White and Ortiz to attend a formal weigh-in Friday in Las Vegas. White appeared, and weighed in at 197 pounds. Kizer said when Ortiz failed to appear within the hour, he canceled the boxing exhibition that the commission had approved earlier in the week.

“Tito’s always been the consummate pro in his mixed-martial arts events,” Kizer said. “I’m surprised he didn’t show up. I’m surprised he didn’t tell us he wasn’t coming. I told Dana not to waste his time asking the commission again for something like this. We were very disappointed.”

There’s nothing like pissing off the single most important state commission for the UFC.

And don’t think the NSAC isn’t pissed or taking this personally.

State commissions — and especially their top officials — usually stay objective, right?

Not in this case.

“Dana told me he didn’t think Tito was afraid to fight him, but it would’ve been a lot harder to live down a defeat to Dana than it would have living down the loss to Chuck [Liddell],” Kizer said.
3/26/07 5:11:35AM
I don't care what his supposed reasoning was, Tito just committed the ultimate self-ownage.He just made himself, Dana White, the NSAC, and the UFC look like a bunch of fools.Surely this will have major repercussions on his career.
3/26/07 5:52:09AM
He better pray he beats Rashad now or else that would be about curtains for his career. Maybe Dana could feed him to Mirko just for fun..?
3/26/07 1:54:27PM
Dana White 1-0 No contest.
3/26/07 4:15:36PM

Posted by snakeplissken

He better pray he beats Rashad now or else that would be about curtains for his career. Maybe Dana could feed him to Mirko just for fun..?

I want to see that
3/26/07 7:24:08PM
This taken from Tito's myspace. His answer to why he didn't show.

ay, March 26, 2007

Only doing business!!!!!!!!!!!

So, everyone is giving me shit for the Dana fight... No one knows what really went on.
Let me tell my side of what real went on. Me and Dana had this argeement to box eachother. I told Dana we should put it on video and sell it. He said "yes that a good idea". So Spike came to Big Bear before the Chuck fight for two days. Used my time from training to shoot for the Spike special. I said that was fine. I took two week off after the chuck fight. Then started my boxing training. You all have to understand that Dana was almost a pro boxer. I was going to take this fight serious. Jenna was helping me with the deal because I seen this as a big money maker. She ask if there was a contract for the fight? She made call's to dana to get the deal done. Craig from Spike called Jenna back to discuss is deal. She asked for executive producer rights for me. Since it was my idea. Help to promote Punishment Athletics for the fight and other deal points. Craig said he would talk to Dana and get back to us. After that I cancel a few appearance's that I had to do. Alot of money that was givin up. So I could train for the fight. I had to get all of my medicals done as a normal fight. I got my eye done then we got a call from Craig. He said that Dana say that they are not going to shoot the fight or cover it in anyway. So this was a real lose,lose situation for me. I lost out on money for appearances. Now I was losing out on promotion and big dollars for the PPV. He didn't want to cut me in on the deal. So as a business man I couldn't do the fight. I have a very big fight with Evans. Why would I risk my health and that fight for free? I wasn't going to make anything for it? I was not going to get taken advantage of as a fighter or a business man. You tell me if I made the right decision? Hopefully this will get ironed out and will be done right the next time. Just trying to do business.....
Tito Ortiz
3/26/07 7:30:42PM
Hopefully Tito Ortiz will take an english class. I know that myspace is informal, but as a professional athlete that wants to be taken seriously, he should spend some time putting together some basic coherent sentences.

A little professionalism is all I ask for.
3/26/07 8:15:50PM

A little professionalism is all I ask for.
3/26/07 8:31:18PM
Yeah, he's proven time and time again that "professionalism" is his middle name

I used to just think he was overrated; now I think he's a total joke.If ya have to back out, fine, but not at the last minute and DEFINITELY not without giving anyone notice or even an explanation until after the fact.Not only that, but the explanation (Read:sorry-ass excuse) he gave was not an official press release, direct contact with the NSAC or anyone associated with Zuffa or the UFC, but on a freakin MySpace page! That's beyond unprofessional. In most any job you'd get fired for such a thing (not to mention that bridge being irreparably burned), and even though this fight may have been of little consequence, I wouldn't mind one bit if that's what happened to him. Just tryin to do business, right?
3/27/07 7:10:16PM
"You all have to understand that Dana was almost a pro boxer", haha tito is obviously scared.
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