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POLL: Who deserves to be cut the most?
Tito Ortiz 83% (24)
Brandon Vera 17% (5)
3/10/11 11:58:58PM
Because of Tito dropping out of UFN 24, is he cut? Dana said his last chance was the Hammill fight. I mean come on, he hasnt won a fight in a while, hes been in the game for a while, and thats like 4 straight loses and 1 draw? Really? Vera was never really exciting for me, but I think he should get 1 last final chance. Give him Cro Cop at heavyweight or Lil Nog. Hes only had 3 straight loses to Bones Jones, Thiago Silva, and Randy Couture, 3 of the best LHWs. I think he deserves 1 last fight.

Thoughts, opinions?
3/11/11 12:20:15AM
Both are still listed on the UFC website so it doesn't look like either is a FA just yet.

I say match the 2 up and keep the winner.
3/11/11 1:20:15AM
Vera is 10x the fighter Ortiz is. I think this poll's gonna be a shutout.
3/11/11 1:25:35AM
Vera was cut, but Dana White brought him back after Thiago Silva tested positive after their last fight, probably because White rarely cuts fighters after anything but a legitimate loss (and the Vera vs. Silva fight may be reconsidered as a NC).

Vera and Tito are both on their last legs.
3/11/11 2:05:27AM
I wish they were both cut from the UFC right now.
3/11/11 2:57:28AM
Tito is still under contract? Just cut him already, since he cut himself to duck Lil Nog
3/11/11 11:44:07AM

Posted by FlashyG

Both are still listed on the UFC website so it doesn't look like either is a FA just yet.

I say match the 2 up and keep the winner.

The UFC would like to have them around because they are good names, but neither of them are producing. Put them in the cage together. Winner stays, loser goes home. I think it'll be a close fight, and whoever wins won't stay long past this fight anyways.
3/11/11 1:33:25PM
Tito Ortiz needs to be cut. I don't care how big his name is. What has he done since beating Griffin? Absolutely nothing. Beating Shamrock senseless is one of the easiest things you can do as an mma fighter in the last 6 or 7 years. I would say his best performance since he beat Belfort is a draw over Evans.

Vera is still a good fighter. The problem with him is that he was overhyped by leaps and bounds and because of that and the name he made for himself the ufc won't give him anymore tune up fights. He probably gets paid too much for that. He's a mid-level fighter in that division and unfortunately I don't see him staying with the ufc because of that. He can probably make a pretty good living in other organizations as a pretty big name.

My vote was obviously for Tito.
3/11/11 5:28:09PM
Vera was cut after the Silva fight. But, after Silva tested positive for roids, the UFC rehired him. Another loss and they will probably cut him again.

Ortiz is still on the roster, and there is no way the UFC will cut him now that most of the Light Heavyweight division is calling him out. They will capitalize on the opportunity, and will probably cut him after he loses again.
3/12/11 6:10:23PM
So if they match up, and they draw, do they both get cut?
6/18/11 1:57:39PM
Vera was ovehyped a while back, but he is a better fighter then Ortiz.
Besides, Ortiz keeps getting injured, he is not worth keeping if he can only fight once every year or two.
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