Tito spoils TUF 11?

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2/25/10 4:20:26AM
Is Tito venting his frustrations on Twitter for just loosing this season of TUF?Decide for yourself........

Everybody will see it all!
about 3 hours ago via Sidekick

Jenna and I are fine. I guess business is business
about 7 hours ago via Sidekick

If things couldn't get worse. They just did! F*ck!!!! I want to thank all my fans for your support!
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2/25/10 8:16:11AM
maybe Tito just realized he not champ anymore. lol
2/25/10 8:19:25AM
I have no Idea why that would spoil the show. But if it where wouldn't it go in the spoiliers forum? Def not News.
2/25/10 8:54:08AM
Tito Being Tito. And he can't spoil the show, he'll likely be fired/cut and Spike will sue.
2/25/10 3:47:49PM
and who would be supporting him after losing the show, when no one has seen the show in the first place.?
2/25/10 4:12:04PM
I predict Tito loosing TUF, then getting knocked out a third time by Chuck, after which he will whine and cry and make a million excuses like always!
2/25/10 11:04:11PM
Tito is out of his prime and since he cant fight like he used to but he can still talk like he always has, he'll have to rely on his trash talking, and that's why i cant stand him.
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