Tito Ortiz Trashes Dana White, Hints at Starting New Fight Promotion on “Howard Stern Show”

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2/6/08 12:27:57PM
UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz had some harsh words for UFC President Dana White and hinted that he might eventually start his own fight promotion when he leaves the UFC. Ortiz discussed both topics while a guest on today’s “Howard Stern Show,” which airs on Sirius as satellite radio’s most popular program.

Ortiz was a guest on the show with his girlfriend, former porn superstar and mogul Jenna Jameson. While much of the interview focused on Jameson and her new book, Stern did ask Ortiz about his current feud with White and plans for the future.

“He’s an egotistical egomaniac,” Ortiz said of White. “He wants to be a fighter and a superstar.

2/6/08 12:31:29PM
Haha, War Tito! Seems like it's been too long since one fired a salvo at the other. I think this is more of their usual trash talk just to get under the other guy's skin more.
2/6/08 12:53:53PM
Tito is 100% right. Id love to see him fight Frank Shamrock again that would be awesome.
2/6/08 2:41:09PM
Dana does come across pretty bad a lot of times.Despite getting the sport mainstream,their's so much crazy S*$T he's said that you just can't overlook it.
2/6/08 4:20:28PM
Tito's gonna get sued if he keeps it up. Randy's lawsuit mentions actions that are meant to hurt the UFC or however the lawyers put it.
2/6/08 4:45:28PM
I do believe the fighters are underpaid.
However, I believe Tito isn't as dominant as he was a few years ago.
After Tito loses to Machida, I would love to see him fight Frank again. The fight would more than likely take place in EliteXC. Frank is fighting Cung Le, which'll be a tough fight. Then, he mentioned something during one of the Elite events, hinting around about "settling the record straight once and for all," which I took to mean fighting his brother. Even Ken got in the cage and made some strange remarks. If Tito is going to fight Frank, it better be in the next year and a half or two years because Frank's knees are getting really bad, which is a shame, because he's a good fighter and has been fun to watch back in the day, and recently when he beat down and choked out Baroni (although the one where he illegally kneed Renzo Gracie's head a couple of times sucked).
2/7/08 3:10:16AM
He is so going to loss to Machida. He is to busy talking trash and acting like he is gods gift to MMA when he should be training and preparing for Machida. He is making himself look like a joke and now that he has been on the "The Apprentice" he thinks he knows the first thing about running a MMA business. He would go bankrupt the first day just trying to pay himself how much he thinks he is worth.
2/7/08 7:39:36AM
I think it's a bit harsh calling Jenna a mongol.
2/7/08 11:15:35AM
when they asked Dana white he said "Tito has no future" there is no way in my mind that machida can lose this fight. hes scared, its his last fight on his contract, and it doesnt look like they are going to bring him back to the UFC. but making his own promo, wow, hes gonna lose LOTSA
2/7/08 7:26:07PM
But what if he beats Machida?
3/6/08 1:38:13AM
Every time I think of Dana and Tito I think of that stupid ass fight they were suppose to do on spike where they waisted 2 hours of my life I'll never get back acting like the show would lead to a fight, what a joke, I would still like to see Tito KO dana

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3/6/08 9:21:57AM
I'm looking forward to learning about the way this meathead thinks. His book should be interesting.
3/23/08 1:36:14AM
Tito has made it his life's work to mess with Dana white, he is Dana's nemesis, I love to see those two mess with each other.

3/23/08 4:14:27AM
machida > dana > tito ...LOL
3/23/08 5:51:16AM
Tito should show some respect.

Dana put him on the big stage and he should be greatful imo
4/15/08 3:40:44PM

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4/15/08 10:10:21PM
I'm not the biggst Dana White fan, but he did make titos CAREER!!! Ortiz needs to shut up and go to YAMMA or somewhere else and beat up cans for a paycheck. how does he ever think he will have the money to start an Organization. Who would back the ass
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