Tito Ortiz Not Yet Signed To Affliction

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7/30/08 8:07:44AM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is not out of the Octagon just yet.

Despite several published reports of Ortiz’s whereabouts, Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio today told MMAWeekly.com that he has not signed the popular UFC fighter. Atencio claims that Ortiz’s promotional contract with the Las Vegas based company precludes that.

“I can’t talk to Tito until after August 3rd,” Atencio says. “Everybody just wants to read into it and put whatever they want on the internet.”

7/30/08 9:00:39AM
Jeesh I bet Tito put that rumor out there himself just to get his name in the news again.

I still think Tito will end up back in the UFC and I'm gonna keep my fingers in my ears yelling im not listening until I see something concrete
7/30/08 9:53:27AM
of course they have to refute it now, it would be against Tito's contract if he was in talks.
7/30/08 10:12:18AM
i hope tito does sign wit affliction for babalu's sake he really wants to fight tito and i like babalu .......tito is not only a former champ and top contender but a dangerous oppponent for ne!!!!!!! ask machida who he almost tri angled out after bein rocked by a liver shot!!!!!! to be honest i really believe ortiz vs sobral is a great match up cuz i think both of those guys are longer in the top ten and need credible wins to get back into the top ten of world again!!!

And a win for either guy in this match up is a great place to start!!!!
7/30/08 2:44:56PM
i think tito will do affliction for a bit go back to the UFC in a couple of years and retire there... just sounds as a ligitimate thought
7/30/08 2:49:17PM
Im sure we will see Tito in Affliction for a few fights and then back to the UFC.
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