Tito Ortiz Sees the Writing on the Wall

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7/27/09 1:34:09PM
Tito Ortiz, my man.

I have been an Ortiz fan all my life and say what you will about the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, he’s no dummy.

Ortiz is one of the most intelligent fighters in the world when it comes to business sense and it’s one of the main reasons him and Dana White butt heads so often. The two are actually a lot alike.

7/27/09 3:09:27PM
I agree with the point thats being made in this article but this I dont
"So Ortiz sees this and he’s been talking about signing with Strikeforce, right? But in all seriousness, how much longer before the UFC topples that promotion too? Six months? A year? Strikeforce is living on borrowed time and Ortiz knows it."
Is it really fair to say that? I dont put strikeforce in the same league as elite xc and affliction, I think they are making smart decisions and most importantly not stepping on Zuffas toes trying to be the next big thing, they know thier place and except it and make money doing it.

7/27/09 7:44:10PM
I really hope some of the other organizations can grow. Strike does seem to be making the best decisions...at least from what we can see here on the outside.
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