Tito Ortiz offered UFC contract prior to UFC 84

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5/25/08 7:57:39PM
FiveOuncesOfPain.com was informed by Rear Naked Radio, a weekly MMA show heard every Saturday from 7-9 p.m. CT on Live 105.3 FM in Dallas, that former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was offered a contract by the UFC in the days leading up to last night’s fight against Lyoto Machida.

While listening to the initial portion of an audio clip forwarded by Rear Naked Radio, Ortiz begins to talk about possible options outside of the UFC.

“Either I go to Affliction; either I got to possibly something with De La Hoya; or start something on my own; HDNet; I mean there are so many opportunities for me,” said Ortiz. “Lorenzo (Ferttita) came up to me, actually, a day before the weigh-in and he’s like ‘UFC is the place you need to stay. You need to be here. We need you here.” And he was giving me the old fluff deal…”

5/25/08 8:02:22PM
Y'know, i really want thinking last night that tito might stay in the ufc after all. I mean, before 84, dana and tito where both just like, thats it, where done no matter what. Then after the fight tito wouldn't rule out staying in the ufc in his interview with rogan, and dana has been saying that if him and tito sit down like men, egos aside, they might beable to sort something out.

Id rather tito left tbh, hes got nothing to offer now, but i wouldnt be suprised at all if he ended up signing a new contract.
5/25/08 8:16:35PM
....anything other than the UFC is just temporary.
5/25/08 8:20:40PM

Posted by Sir_Karl

....anything other than the UFC is just temporary.

As is the rest of his career. He's far beyond being a top guy anymore.
5/25/08 8:58:28PM
tito is gone oh well what is that saying out with the old in with the new
5/25/08 9:04:31PM
I still list Tito Ortiz as one of my favorite fighters but I think that his time as passed. While I was completely surprised at his submission on Lyoto, I doubt that he has much to offer. I suppose he could go to Elite XC and get some easy fights but then again, it's Tito and those fights always turn out to be closer than originally thought.
5/25/08 9:39:14PM
The guys biggest problem is he could not beat Chuck he beat Rashad but got unlucky if they fought again you would be crazy to pick Rashad and they gave him Lyoto for a reason it was too tough a matchup I'm sure he could beat the top 6-10 lhw in the ufc but I also don't think it matters as long as Dana White is president I don;t think Tito will wnat ot be part of the UFC
5/25/08 10:33:35PM
The way I see Tito: If you put him in w/ even the best B level fighters he is an A level fighter. If you put him in w/ A level guys he's on the lower end and ppl question if he's really A level. He's def past his prime, which is why I'd like to see him go to an org where he can put on a better show than he has been in UFC.
5/26/08 2:17:10AM
Maybe it was all just hype for Tito's fight with Machida and now Dana and Tito are just going to sit down and thrash out a new contract together and he may be staying afterall....?
5/26/08 9:00:03AM
lets face it, tito is not a top 10 fighter but yet he still wants the money, he know has boring fights, and can't finish an opponent, he is not worth the money spend it on someone else
5/26/08 12:03:41PM
tito loves $.

he'd rather be a posterboy of a 2nd tier org & get paid a little more than be in an org w/ top notch fighters & still get paid pretty damn good.

good for him though, he;ll rolly win his next few fights unless his new org does something super-asshole-ish by signing arona or lil nog
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