Tito Ortiz’ management team responds to Jenna comments

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10/7/09 2:14:25PM
Tito’s long term manager and friend, Damian McLawhaon said this tonight:

“If he wants to drag Jenna into this and I know Jenna, she’s a sweetheart, then I think that’s not a place for manager to get involved. I think the fights between Mark and Tito and not his manager and he’s talking a lot of smack. He should maybe start training and get in the cage if he wants to talk like that. I think if Mark wants to say something then they’re fighting each other, whatever. I just don’t think it’s a place for a manager to come at Tito like that about his girlfriend.”

10/7/09 5:30:31PM
I think i'd be more excited to see the managers fight than i was for the tito vs coleman fight . . .
10/11/09 10:37:30AM
Ok I get it, but Titos old lady .......its a different situation. Damn near every guy with one arm and a dvd player/computer has seen Jennas twat. It was a low blow and one I personally woudnt have made but Tito should not get too upset about it. I geuss he should ...
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