Tito Ortiz Lectures a Homeless Guy

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10/1/09 8:39:24AM
Here's your strange video of the day: UFC fighter Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend, porn star Jenna Jameson, standing on the sidewalk, surrounded by paparazzi, when a homeless man approaches and asks Ortiz for money. Ortiz decides to give him a lecture instead of a handout.

10/2/09 10:58:50AM
Let's get the assumptions out of the way. I don't like Ortiz and I am by no means even close to being rich.

However, I do not believe in handing people cash just because they ask for it. I come from a working class family and had to watch my parents struggle to make ends meet. They never gave up.

That doesn't mean I am not for charity. However, I would rather give a hungry person food than give them money. The thing is, most of these street people take your money and use it to by drugs or booze. Some of them are not even poor.

So in that, I support Tito for not giving the guy anything based on principle. However, at the same time, I think lecturing them is condescending and futile.
10/2/09 4:35:46PM
If that guy was so desperate he would go and do something about it himself. I HATE people like him I actually find it insulting.
10/2/09 5:31:53PM
I have a large amount of disdain for the vast majority of the homeless population. That makes me sound like a big time jerk, but without getting into it too much I'll just say that I come from a situation that I feel justifies my beliefs on the subject.

I'm sure there are some great people who got stuck in terrible situations on the street. My heart goes out to them. However, the other 90% of homeless people have ruined it for those folks, and that's a terrible thing. I won't be guilt tripped into giving them the money I worked hard to earn just so they can blow it on booze and drugs.
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