Tito Ortiz is laid up with influenza

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3/17/10 2:30:35AM
Could this be what triggered the weekend’s rumours that Ortiz would not be fighting Chuck Liddell?

Those rumours were quashed by UFC president Dana White shortly after they emerged. White, Ortiz and Liddell all maintain that the two former light-heavyweight champions will be fighting as planned. White also addressed talk of fireworks between him and Ortiz during filming of TUF 11, saying that is not the case and everything is “fine” between them.
3/17/10 6:45:24AM
I hope Tito gets back to shape soon.
3/17/10 11:16:42AM
i stil would rather see rich vs chuck but if tito doesn't get better it might just be
3/17/10 12:55:24PM
I'll be pissed if Tito doesn't get his fat head repeatedly punched by Chuck and instead we see the Rich fight, because that fight would mean absolutely nothing except one of them fas to lose and the other one stays right where they are in the rankings, wherever that is.

If nothing else make couture chuck 4 happen, that's extremely marketable and both would lose to most legit competition anyway so make it happen.

And then When Chuck knocks out Randy again he can go and knock out tito and they can hype him as being on the comeback.

And then he can go get knocked out again.
3/17/10 4:23:11PM
I really would rather see Oritz vs Liddell and Franklin vs Couture so I hope Tito gets back to health for the fight. When Chuck and Tito fight it's always awesome because you know they really don't like eachother and Chuck reallllly wants to hurt Tito. He's going to be mad motivated it will be great.
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