Tito Ortiz: Great Commentator, or Greatest Commentator?

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1/26/09 7:13:02PM
We just wanted to share these quotes from Tito's absolutely stunning broadcast debut at "Day of Reckoning," collected from these threads on the UG:


A few of the good ones...

"Here we are with Seraldo Babalu, you did an awesome job, saw why you're a black belt in jiu-jitsu, getting an awesome submission there, I want to tell me what you see, let's go ahead and see by the fight, what you saw, in the ring."

"That was the old Vitor Belfort that we all want to see. Him at 131 years old. He’s back for vengeance."

"Well, here we go, we, here we go we got Josh Barnett, with a dominating fashion. "

"You tooken out two of the former UFC heavyweight champions and you are the best heavyweight... in my eyes and I believe every one of these guys' eyes around the world... of tonight..."
1/26/09 7:31:17PM
ahhhhh one whos mouth speaks before brain thinks
1/26/09 7:46:11PM
or his brain doesnt think at all lol ive always liked tito just becouse i can but come one this is up there with goldies quote"the prescion of naderson silve is well very prescise joe" lmao love that one
1/26/09 8:01:22PM
babalu should have just choked out ortiz right there to shut him up.
1/26/09 10:38:45PM

I have tears rolling down my face right now no lies. Oh man. That wasn't even all of them but those were definitely the best. Damn I'm glad someone got them all colected in one place. Cagepotato is so ******* hilarious.

"(An enormous head, filled with 12 pounds of cookie dough. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)"
1/26/09 11:31:56PM

I didn't even notice most of this stuff during the fights.
1/27/09 3:02:32PM
i blame Chuck Liddell...
1/27/09 7:02:27PM
I loved hearing him.
1/27/09 8:04:59PM
1/27/09 9:57:03PM
I tried to prop Wolf for this one, OH my god that's great.

I mean to me, what I think you think, we believe that I just heard, seen some of the best commentating in the world on the best commentator ever...thank them Wolfenstein for the quotes.
1/28/09 11:14:31AM
He's definatly better off in the cage... umm... I think. Porn maybe?
1/28/09 8:55:42PM
My gradfather used to say " I'd rather be quiet and thought a fool, than open my mouth and remove all doubt" Tito.....leave the mic alone brother.
1/29/09 11:43:18AM
His post fight interviews were hilarious but to be fair his commentary during the fights wasn't that bad infact I actually though it was pretty good.
1/29/09 1:33:23PM
i thought Tito did ok..i mean it was his first time..i sure Joe Rogan wasn't the best when he first started..and Mike Goldberg still needs to improve his commentating..i remember Goldberg sayin things wrong all the time and Rogan havin to correct him..i mean every PPV..Goldberg sayin a fact wrong and Rogan correctin him on the spot..Tito will time should be good..better than Frank Mir in the WEC..hahahahha..but overall i rather see Tito vs Babalu...
1/30/09 12:04:39AM
he did a good job commentating, and had more insight than the average color commentator, but he needs to stay out of the ring.
1/30/09 1:46:31AM
I thought his commentating was still pretty bad as well. He was calling submissions by the wrong names and accusing fighters of faking injuries, that is about as unprofessional as you can get right there. Not knowing the difference between an americana and a kimura, or a d'arce and an anaconda (this is a little more understandable) and accusing dan of faking and laughing at him?

It's an announcer's job to be impartial. Doesn't mean you can't get excited or get into the fight, but to accuse a guy of faking? I think that's one of the worst things a commentator can do, personally. I'm actually one of the people who, despite hating tito, give him credit for being a really smart guy and knowing how to sell his image. I try to take an objective view even with people I may not like, I just think he's too much in the mentality of being a fighter to commentate, he can't divide himself from it. He actually got up at the end of a fight and challenged babalu before interviewing him. lol.

"hey so my back's getting better soon we should fight! now let's watch the replay!" wtf?
2/4/09 2:21:54PM

Posted by RhythmAndStyle

..better than Frank Mir in the WEC...

"He gots the choke!"
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