Tito Ortiz Vs Forrest Griffin 2 Needs to Happen

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POLL: Ortiz or Griffin
Ortiz 21% (8)
Griffin 79% (31)
7/21/09 6:52:21PM
Now that Ortiz and Dana have kissed and made up, Ortiz is likely to re-sign with the UFC.

Im not sure what exactly would have to happen for this fight to happen but I think its a no-brainier. Their first fight was an epic battle that ended up in a controversial split descion victory for Tito. Many people, including myself, saw the fight in favor of Forrest Griffin although I can see how one could see Ortiz taking the win.

Ortiz has had time to heal all his injuries and Griffin has evolved as a striker.

Both are EXTREMELY popular fighters who have HUGE names and would draw a lot of viewers. The only thing i see wrong about this fight is that their first fight happened back at UFC 56 (i think) but it was a while back at the beginning of the MMA boom, so many of the original viewers were more hardcore fans. I'm pretty sure the UFC could run specials on spike showing the first fight.

Either way, I want, no, NEED to see this fight. Go watch the first fight and tell me you wouldn't want to see a rematch. Personally I think Forrest would take this one, his striking and ground game are much improved. No take downs for Tito, Forrest's sprawl is too good and his leg kicks would hinder Tito's shot.

7/21/09 8:26:08PM
I would much rather see Tito fight Rich Franklin.
7/21/09 8:48:53PM
I would like to see this fight again. I think Forrest would easily win the rematch. Forrest has really evolved as a fighter. His striking and ground game has really improved. I think he would pretty much own Tito on the standup and as long as he defends the takedown, he'd win pretty easily.
7/21/09 9:27:49PM
i agree if hendo vs franklin 2 happened why not tito vs forrest rematch
7/21/09 10:48:58PM
i think Forrest would dominate in this fight...Tito is confident sounding but he's been layed off for a while and he's getting older while i think Forrest is really entering his prime...he's been facing nothing but the best for his last three fights at least...I think he legs kicks his way to a UD
7/21/09 11:36:21PM
If Forrest loses to Silva then why not. I agree that Forrest would pull out the win but I think it would be a good draw for the UFC
7/21/09 11:52:10PM
i was just thinking about the same matchup
7/22/09 2:58:22AM
I was discussing this on another forum recently. I think alot of people over look Tito and what he can do. To date (IMO), Tito has given Machida the best fight in the UFC. I feel that Tito easily won against Rashad, i thought Tito had a good showing in his fight with Forrest. Tito isn't someone that anyone should look past. I think if he worked on a few things a little bit, he could be a contender once again. Pretty crazy if you think about.... hearing Tito Ortiz, the Light Heavyweight Champ. Its a far cry but not impossible.
7/22/09 3:36:21AM
Tito wouldnt be a walk in the park for mr. overrated. the only rematch I wanna see with forrest is with Rampage who imo won that fight. As for Tito Id much rather see Tito\Evans 2 since that went to a draw or even Machida. Wandy tito2 Shogun tito... as you can tell im not a big forrest fan and there are so many more match ups id rather see.
7/22/09 8:27:19PM
rampage tito imo
7/22/09 10:05:42PM
Tito and Rampage are good friends so its prob not gona happen
7/22/09 10:17:39PM
people still think tito beat rashad? rd1 to tito rd 3 to rashad, rd 2 tito CHEATED, how many times did he grab the fence to prevent the takedown, if he didnt RD2 wouldve looked like round 3, tito didnt beat rashad, rashad didnt beat tito, the fight was a draw because tito cheated
7/23/09 6:00:32AM
Yes Tito did grab the fence and he lost a point for it which gave rashad that round. So with or w/o grabbing the fence its still a draw.
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