Tito Ortiz not going back to UFC with Dana White still in charge

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1/25/09 1:51:52AM
Tito Ortiz (15-6-1) takes another step away from his UFC roots at Saturday night's "Affliction: Day of Reckoning" event in Anaheim, Calif.

Still bound by a fight contract to the organization that gave him his start, Ortiz recently told TAGG Radio (www.taggradio.com), the official radio partner of MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com), that he's excited to try his hand at MMA broadcasting, even though it's not for the UFC.

"This will be my first step to get my feet wet and see how it is," Ortiz said. "I'm very, very excited."

1/25/09 11:47:45AM
hahah I think his broadcasting future is dead after all the crap people were saying how bad he was.

Ortiz is no longer any good use to the UFC, so im glad hes not coming back.
1/25/09 12:34:50PM
At one point Tito was my favorite fighter. Now I could care less.
He needs to humble himself and realize that he is not the big deal he thinks he is.
At one point Tito was "the man"...but he was younger then and there was far less and far inferior competition back in those days.
Those days are over....and after watching last nights Affliction PPV...his announcing days should be over too.
Tito needs to train hard, show some tact and we will see what he has.
Tito needs to realize that actions speak louder than words.
Words are worthless.
You earn respect....you don't demand it.
1/25/09 12:39:20PM
Yeah I could care less about Tito these days. Recently the best parts of his fights have been the entrances and stare downs. I really don't want him back in the UFC. He would get dominated by the 205 division talent. Unless he can maybe book another 3 fights with "The Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock..lol.
1/25/09 1:01:18PM
i like tito i dont think he is an elite fighter anymore thou...but i always wanna see a legend of the sport fight....his broadcasting was awfull
1/25/09 1:33:02PM
Of course he likes broadcasting he can't get hit.
1/25/09 9:01:15PM
Ha ha Tito is a total tool but give the guy a break. He came off last night as retarded but I'm sure he was nervous just like anyone else would be talking in front of a croud like that.

I really want Tito to shut up and let the back heal because I wanna see him fight again.
1/26/09 12:57:02PM
I truly will never believe a Tito Ortiz statement
1/26/09 5:24:47PM
what else is new!!
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