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8/7/08 6:34:17PM
from all that has happened with tito speaking out about the fighters and that he has not ben treated right or not made enough money, i cant help but think that he is just a freaking cry baby. now i understand and agree that the fighters need to make MUCH more money then they do, however tito has only won three of his last six fights.two of those were against a OLD and WASHED up Ken Shamrock and proved nothing and the Forrest fight many believe could have gone either way. no .500 fighter could expect to be in the top bracket on the payroll. i also understand that he draws alot of money to his fights. FYI. Liddell Vs. Ortiz 2 to date made the most money and had the most ppv buys. i know i am kind of arguing both sides. but at the end of the day, tito needs to win some damn fights against good top opponents before he complains about the money he is making. its like any other job, the better job you do, the more money you will make, you do a bad job, no one is going to pay you top dollar.

thats my take on all of that. am i the only one that thinks like this?
8/7/08 6:41:32PM
regardless of how his past fights had gone, Tito still puts asses on the seats and PPV numbers on the chart, and he knows it. That why he is asking for more money. Dana and the rest argue the point which you made, he isnt a top level fighter anymore (at least doesnt appear to be so). Both sides had good points, its whether they could come to a conclusion were both sides were happy, which didnt happen. Now Tito is probably making alot more with Affliction, the question is how long will affliction go?........I think between the next 2 years Tito will be back in the UFC (if affliction falls) or at some other company.
8/7/08 6:51:13PM
tito is a cry baby and made his name off WINNIN against sub par fighters...he fought a green sivla, and lost (yes i said lost) against belfort...anybody else worth a damn beat him....he puts asses in seats, but for how long? hes got to start winning now....kenny florian quote thats been going around and is very tru is "its like any other job, you cant walk in and be a ceo, you have to work your way up"....thats into reference to cry baby bitch boy huerta ....if that qoute holds tru then tito would have been fired a long time ago before making ceo...losses and draws and screwing over the old gaurd dont get you the money....now he's spawnng with rotton crotch? ughhh.....theres another persona past theyre prime....i miss the original jenna
8/7/08 8:19:53PM
I bet if the UFC matches any offer Affliction cause its in the contract I see Tito going back plus how does he expect to promote Punishment clothing line if the company he works for is a rival ? ? ?

oh and the putting asses in the seat see Brock Lesnar dude is 1-1 and is in the UFC and fights on the telivised card
8/7/08 11:04:30PM
You must be new to MMA if your just realizing this now. Tito has been whining for years .

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