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1/29/07 9:07:33PM
After Tito Ortiz' loss to Chuck Liddell at UFC 66 does Tito Ortiz still have the chance to become a champion once again in the UFC?

Many things have to be taken into account for this situation, does Tito still have the will to want to be a champion? Does the UFC still believe Ortiz could be marketed as the light heavyweight beltholder, or does the colorful personality of Rampage suit the role better (just from a marketing standpoint)? Has Chuck Liddell completely shattered Tito Ortiz' chance at becoming champ or will he come back a stronger fighter?

Tito is still young and has a long way to go before he hits the point where his body can't compete anymore, and Tito's one of the fighters that has some of the best cardiovascular conditioning in the world. He is indeed improving upon striking, and seems to know what he's doing on his feet which could leave him much less vulnerable against up and coming bangers such as Forrest and Bisping, but it seems that after the loss with Chuck, Titos sitting in the backseat of the bus with the likes of TUFers, future signed talents of the UFC, and Rampage seated in the front.

To leave Tito in the dust wouldn't seem right for the UFC since promoters such as Pride could easily attain Tito Ortiz gaining plenty of publicity since he's such a well known fighter. However, at the moment Dana White seems to be tangled in thoughts of promoting his new found superstars (Rampage, Crocop) who haven't had one bout in the UFC yet.

What are your thoughts?
1/29/07 9:25:38PM
If Tito wants to be champ again he will have to go to a different org. He might get another title shot in the UFC, big might, but that's only if Rampage beats Chuck. So as I see it no, he will not. But I wish he would because I love watching "the hunington beach bad boy" (haha) get his ass kicked again.
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1/29/07 9:29:49PM
1/29/07 9:47:48PM
That was comedy! Anyway, I think Tito will never be champ again unless Someone else has the belt. I think he and Rampage have stated they would fight eachother if their was a lot of money in it. I also think he will stay in the UFC. The cage is a big help to him , and he's making a lot of money promoting his clothing line here.
1/29/07 10:15:19PM
After Chuck has lost the belt, we will see Tito make a run for it again. He has plenty of fight left in him. I can't wait to see if Tito can make it by Babalu after all the shit talking. Make this fight happen soon!
1/29/07 10:38:07PM
Tito will never be the champ again. The only reason he ever was, is because of the weak division. Who has he beat lately? Ken Shamrock? Sure, he beat Griffin, but that could have went either way. Alot of people think Forrest won. Same deal with Vitor. I don't even wanna hear Wandy, cause he's on a whole other level from 7 years ago. My point is, his only legitimate wins since 01 are against evan tanner, elvis sinosic, patrick cote, and ken shamrock. I take nothing away from those fighters and his wins over them, besides that fact there not top ranked opponents. Whenever Tito is pitted against top ranked opponents, he can't handle them. Titos a great fighter, but he's not in the same class as the top LHW's in the world today.
1/29/07 11:22:29PM
Only way he has another title shot is if chuck retires or losses the belt
1/30/07 12:42:29AM
Agreed. He doesn't have the tools to take Chuck, and Rampage has a fire Tito has been lacking, and I think he has a better chin as well. I doubt he could roll as a heavyweight, and hes much to big to drop to middle weight, so if he wants another title, he should probably look to WEC or maybe Bodog if they get up and running.
1/30/07 1:52:35AM
I don't think he'll go to Pride.

If Tito wins over the next few years and Chuck is still holding on to the belt they'll fight one more time, imo.

The only way he has a chance to beat Liddell, and he does have a chance, is if he pushes the fight more. He's not a natural striker, his hands are 'ok' but his kicks are ineffective. He's has excellent anarobic conditioning, he's got to use that. Put Liddell on the fence and keep him there. Any you guys who have trained a bit know how tough it is to throw good punches after anarobic work.

If Liddell loses before that Tito might get a chance earlier. I don't think we'll see him contending for at least a year and a half or two.
1/30/07 2:06:21AM
Someone on this board said once that Tito will be the gateway to Chuck for a long time. I agree with that thought. He is an exciting fighter with a lot of years left and a huge fan base (not me necesarily but I'm just saying). He is making good money and then there is his clothing line. He will be here for a while to test the up and comers and then if there ever is a belt change you can bet he will want to make a run at it.

Something else to think of... Some champions (or former) who get beat like that use the experience to help them go back to the drawing board and reinvent themselves. Not saying he will do that but stranger things have happened.
1/30/07 2:43:15AM

Posted by strikefirstgear

Something else to think of... Some champions (or former) who get beat like that use the experience to help them go back to the drawing board and reinvent themselves. Not saying he will do that but stranger things have happened.

True, like how GSPs loss to Huges really catapulted him forward. Tito doesn't strike me as that kind of fighter though. He seems to take loses rather hard, and hes been lackluster since Chuck had his way with him the first time.

I think thats one of the huge variablies in the fight world is the ability to take your losses, and come back from them, because so many fighters just seem to come apart.
1/30/07 3:40:16AM
Even with his recent losses I don't think he will be going to another organization. He helped expand the UFC fanbase a lot with his personality. If you mention the name Tito Ortiz to non-MMA fans, a good number of people will still know who he is. As of right now the name Ortiz still sells PPV orders so I don't think Dana will write Tito off. As far as his shot at the title I pretty much agree with everyone else that his only real shot will be against a champ who isn't Chuck Liddell.
1/30/07 11:42:03AM
IF Rampage beats chuck can you imagine the hype they could put on Tito vs. Rampage. All they gotta do is get them to talk a little smack and it would be major drama with these two talking shit to each other.
1/30/07 12:42:04PM
tito - rampage would be huge....tito has a much better chance there than against chuck, and dana could hype that fight into something huge...i would definitely pay to see that fight

aside from that, if tito could drop down a weight class i think he would have a shot as well, and it would make for some interesting fights .....tito/franklin, tito/silva, tito/leben (think of the shit they would be talking)

i dont see him leaving to go to another org, and i dont think dana white would let him.....regardless of whether hes a belt holder or not, tito is a huge part of the UFC's identity, and it would hurt the UFC to lose him.
1/30/07 1:23:13PM
Tito does still have some fight left in him. Cant wait to see him face Babalu. I truly think babalu will pound him
2/1/07 1:07:15AM
If Tito runs the gamet of LHW contenders then he deserves another shot, whether Chuck is still there or it's someone else. Do we want to see another Tito vs Chuck fight? Not right now, but maybe in 18 months it will be time again. I can see how the UFC would be concerned, but dam, if the guy earns the #2 spot, give it to him. That's one thing the really frustrates me, I don't care if a guy has already loss to another fighter once, twice, or even three times, give me #1 vs. #2.

That being said, can Tito win the belt from Chuck? Hell no, well , maybe when Chuck is 42.
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