Tito Ortiz showed up backstage at UFC 157 and has a plan for 'Cyborg' Santos.

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2/26/13 4:08:29PM
Tito Ortiz has a plan. It's detailed and forward-thinking and not terribly flexible, but still, it's a plan. He seems pretty sure that it's a good one. UFC President Dana White seems to feel differently, but what else is new?

"I made so many mistakes with my career," Ortiz told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) backstage at this past weekend's UFC 157 event in Anaheim, Calif. "I'm not going to make the same mistakes with my clients."

By clients, of course, he means Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, the former Strikeforce women's 145-pound champion who Ortiz represents as part of his foray into the world of fighter management. And by mistakes, he means signing a contract where there's "no future," which is what he claimed the UFC offered his fighter recently. So he turned it down, he said. He opted to sign her to a three-fight deal in Invicta FC instead – a decision White could only shake his head at when quizzed about it at a fan Q&A a day earlier.

2/26/13 5:12:18PM
An interesting plan but more than a little optimistic in my opinion.

Let's assume everything works out and both fighters don't suffer a loss, there is still no good reason for the UFC to be interested in a catch weight bout. Cyborg isn't going to be garnering much media attention fighting for Invicta and the UFC has no reason to risk tarnishing a potential cash cow in Rousey with a loss to a fighter that has no future in the UFC unless they create an entire weight class just for her. In short, the UFC isn't stupid enough to risk long term earning potential for a questionable one-off gain.

Now let's assume everything happens just as Tito envisions and Rousey vs Cyborg happens at NYE. If Rousey wins, so what. It is just another fight against a non-UFC fighter and it isn't even a title fight. If Cyborg wins, the UFC has to create and build a 145lb division or they get nothing out of the deal and their 135lb champ's stock just dropped dramatically.

Everything basically hinges on the UFC creating a 145lb women's division. Something that they are extremely reluctant to do and such a division has questionable viability due to a lack of fighters or at least known fighters. I think Tito vastly over estimates Cyborg's value to the UFC. Tito put it very succinctly by stating that the UFC is a brand that sells itself irregardless of an individual fighter.

edit: Not to mention that Tito's plan would have been much more likely to succeed if he didn't ask for Cyborg to be released from the UFC.
2/26/13 11:37:25PM
It is a take it all or nothing concept that usually leads to a lot of burnt bridges and failed deals...some times you need to swallow your pride when making a negotiation.
It should be like, I am going to keep her fighting the best 145lbs women in the world that we can find until the UFC has that division available...then I will have her sign with the UFC and go for the gold. A little humility goes a long way with Dana and Co.
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