Who’s Next For Tito Ortiz?

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10/6/09 7:40:45PM
With Mark Coleman out of his anticipated light heavyweight showdown with Tito Ortiz at UFC 106 due to a second-degree tear in his MCL knee ligament, the question now is quite simply: Who’s up next for Tito?

“Hammer” or no “Hammer”, the show must go on.

It goes without saying that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva is currently hard at work trying to negotiate a suitable replacement for Coleman.

10/6/09 7:56:05PM
I like the franklin match up

Idk if Griffin is ready or able to take the fight on some what short notice. But I've wanted to see the rematch but I want Griffin 100% for the rematch.

Other names, Bonnar, Jardine, Soszynski, Vladimir.

Do I dare say it, long shot rematch with COUTURE? Then find vera a new opponent.
10/6/09 8:03:55PM
Bonnar ? yeah his time in the UFC will soon come to a end, he needs to be able to finish a fight.
10/6/09 9:23:36PM
Bonnar has a place in the UFC forever says Dana White and the Fertittas (see TUF 1 if you don't believe me).....there are a lot of match ups for a fight with Ortiz, just have to find the guy who isn't scheuled or in some sort of contract negotiation. Man wouldn't it be great if they announced that they signed Gegard Moussasi and his first UFC fight would be against Ortiz! Man kiss Ortiz goodnight!!
10/6/09 9:43:22PM
I have a feeling its gonna be Jardine.
10/6/09 10:02:21PM
I think it will be Krystof
10/6/09 10:15:09PM
I think if they replace him and don't reschedule the Coleman fight for 108 even though that cards getting more and more full with big fights by the minute, the only people I can see happening are Bonnar or Jardine. Both have a name, both winnable fights. Then maybe the Coleman fight right after in early 2010, hopefully in Feburary, March, or April? Or Forrest gets a winable fight at 108 hopefully and then sets up the rematch for early-mid 2010!!! That'd be great. Either way I almost gurantee we see either a Ortiz-Evans or Ortiz-Griffin rematch by the end of 2010 and im pumped for both! Hopefully Coleman gets his fight though. I still do like his chances.
10/6/09 10:22:09PM
I say a rematch with The Janitor, that's just me though.
10/7/09 12:29:27AM
i say jardine or griffin rematch
10/7/09 8:34:37AM
Eliot Marshall
10/7/09 12:28:38PM
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