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7/31/09 2:25:41PM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, one of the biggest pay-per-view draws in UFC history, has returned to the organization.

7/31/09 2:37:39PM
I would like to see Tito fight the following fighters:

Rich Franklin
7/31/09 2:38:54PM
I figured Tito would be back. I didn't see anyone but Affliction and UFC being able to pay him what he wanted or close, and of course Affliction is gone. Good move for the UFC though. The guy is a PPV drawing monster. He can hype a fight more than any other, and people like seeing him get his butt whipped. Question is who would be a good comeback fight. I'd suppose they will give him a tough fight. I don't see Dana giving him a walk through for his first fight.

My idea: Tito Ortiz vs. Luiz Cane! Luiz hasn't had a fight for a long time and Tito is coming off a layoff. I think that would be a good fight and they could market it pretty well. Luiz is legit and a win over Tito would put him in title contention where I think he belongs.

Although I like Luiz vs. Tito. I can see the UFC putting a snoozer together. My guess would be Tito Ortiz vs. Mark Coleman. Yuck!!!
7/31/09 3:13:12PM
Tito being back is huge IMO. He will serve a great role in the LHW picture. I don't see him getting back to championship form but I do think there is a lot of great fights coming. DW would have been stupid to let him sign else where. Dude can put asses in the seats. Tito/Wandy would be fantastic!
7/31/09 3:35:06PM
very nice, can't wait to see who he fights first. he def needs a good warm up match, franklin would kill him right off the bat.
7/31/09 3:37:00PM
Glad to see Tito come back to the UFC. Interesting to see how he does. I would like to see him fight Rashad and Forrest again.
7/31/09 4:27:56PM
Tito Vs. Franklin at 205, Tito Vs. Anderson Silva (Just for the KO) and (More than liely) Tito Vs. Liddell in Chuck's retirement fight just so he can smash him one more time and we'd all pay money for that.....

I'd actually like to see Tito Vs. Bisping for the whole teacher Vs. Student thing but it would either have to be a catchweight bout or Bisping would have to bulk up as I don't see Tito dropping.
7/31/09 6:57:20PM
tito has enough fights to last him 4 years
coleman, bonner, rematch with griffin, evans
rampage but i doubt it
thiago silva, jardine, jones,
alot of fights, stop your bitching and start fighting
i wanna see him fight live once, i want him to come back the tito of old
8/1/09 1:20:23AM
give him to WANDYYYY :)
8/1/09 4:02:54PM
Tito Vs. Belfort
8/1/09 4:26:29PM
Tito's back

has apparently healed.
8/1/09 6:01:21PM
it's been all over the ESPN ticker all day today that he's facing Coleman in his comeback fight.
8/3/09 12:50:32AM
I knew he'd be back eventually. I'd actually like to see him fight Coleman, but there are so many fights they could put him in. A Belfort rematch, Griffin rematch,Shogun perhaps.
8/3/09 4:59:35PM
I don't want to see him thrown to the wolves in the first fight. He needs to come back with a few 'warm up' fights and then a superfight or 2. And yes, the LT. Heavy division is stacked with a ton of competitive fights. What would be nice is a "tournament" set up that allows the fighters to fight and work their way into title contention. In the OLD days of UFC it was easier to see who DESERVED the fight but now with so much talent there should be a ranking system or a way to let fighters fight each other and get a shot at the champ. That would really really hype up each fight....championship fights by themselves aren't necessarily the BEST fights but there are tons of VERY competitive fights and interesting match ups that would be even more exciting if we knew they were pointed toward a shot at the champ. This could be done in the Middleweight division too.
8/6/09 10:36:26AM

Posted by skatenate

give him to WANDYYYY :)

Now thats not a bad idea.
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