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7/29/08 5:30:04AM
Tito has signed with Affliction and will make his debut at the next event against Babalu according to rumours.

There is also rumours that Pedro Rizzo might fight Paul Buentello.

With Fedor v Arlovski the card once again is looking good.

7/29/08 10:28:51AM
Yeah I have been hearing about this fight. I really hope this happens.
You know a Babalu/Ortiz fight would be fireworks.
7/29/08 10:29:39AM
Ortiz will blow through Babalu and then face Antonio Rogerio Nogueira for the Light-Heavyweight belt.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
7/29/08 1:17:35PM
I gotta tell you I don't care about this fight at all. Tito and Babalu are second rate 205ers and I don't really like either one of them.
7/29/08 3:21:23PM
I hope babalu holds the choke after the bell like he did against that one guy until tito passes away and then babalu will be banned from mma so we never have to see either fighters fight again.
7/29/08 5:31:37PM
i hope tito puts a hurtin on him i still dont like that choke he did, made mma look so bad
7/30/08 2:11:18AM
i was hopen Tito went to elite xc or strikeforce myself, just thought he'd do better there IMO.
Anyone else?
7/30/08 2:29:19AM
I expect a highly competitive match with lots of drama, I'm personally looking forward to it.
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