Tito Ortiz - Last Stand or a Rebirth?

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7/6/07 9:01:16AM
Tito Ortiz once stood where Rashad Evans now stands.

Almost a decade ago, ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ was the young gun in the UFC, ready to take on the veteran stars of the Octagon, Guy Mezger and Jerry Bohlander. Ortiz had already suffered a defeat in his career (to Mezger), something Evans hasn’t yet experienced in his 15 pro bouts, but despite his one loss, there was a sense of excitement around the charismatic Californian, of a changing of the guard, something Evans hopes to repeat on Saturday’s UFC 73 card in Sacramento, California.

7/6/07 9:24:15AM
it is do or die for Tito for sure
7/6/07 5:14:22PM
Yeah i believe he really needs to pull this out i dont think its do or die as he has one more fight in his contract and he has already called out Shogun and Silva,But indeed he really needs this to get some respect and beat a top ten fighter....and get all the haters off his back.
7/6/07 6:27:00PM
He always has a good performance. Went all 5 rounds with Couture, 3 with Belfort, 3 with Forrest, but he needs a win. It would be impressive enough to beat Rashad but if he finishes him he it will stand out even more since it would be Rashads first loss. I like Tito the fighter but outside the octagon I don't care much for him.
7/6/07 8:28:53PM
Tito is only 32 this isnt his last stand no matter who wins this fight.
7/7/07 1:12:33AM
7/7/07 8:07:56PM

Posted by FeelTheJoy

Tito Ortiz is one of my favorite fighters, but it just seems like the only thing he is concered about is getting the title, if you watch all of his interviews he talks about his opponent about 25% of the time and the other 75% is I got to beat him, and him to get to MY title, MY title in which I have not held for quite some time.

I think he is way too much focused on a title than a person, it seems like Tito has no fire underneath of him, he is not fighting for what he used to fight for, he is not fighting for respect nor money, because he has both, he just goes out there making people hate him so they buy the PPV.

He needs a new motovation to fight, possibly if he loses, Jenna leave him for Chuck Liddell (yes I know Chuck is married, hint it was a joke) or she leaves him for Shogun Rua or heck even Rashad Evans.

He needs to fight for something other than the "Title"
7/8/07 1:38:01PM
does he have 1 more fight in his contract (after the Evans fight?) or was this the last ?
7/9/07 11:58:16PM
I think he has the evans fight again and probably one more for the UFC.
If the UFC drops him I wonder where he will go?
7/10/07 12:09:47AM
Jenna will help Tito find a new job in the bizness. She has a lot of contacts
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