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5/4/08 1:26:21AM
I've heard that Tito's leaving UFC soon....do you think there's ahcne to see him join places like Stike Force? If he do so there would be a huge chance to see him facing guys like Frank Shamrock and Cung Le......

How do you think?

5/4/08 1:30:37AM
id like to see him in either strikeforce or dream. thatd be good
5/4/08 1:39:02AM
maybe adrenaline or whoever offers the most $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
5/4/08 2:07:19AM
Tito vs. Matt Lindland?

They paid Sylvia 800,000 i cant see why they wouldnt do the same for tito. And you know tito would accept that kind of offer to fight lindland.

Would add a second mega-match to the card.
5/4/08 2:16:02AM
I can see him getting a nice offer to fight for the Affliction brand. I don't think Gary Shaw will offer Tito the kind of money he will ask for.
5/4/08 3:35:08AM
I bet he goes to eliteXC because Titos is all about the being on TV and the only other place to do that with big numbers other than the UFC is elite.
5/4/08 10:33:33AM
IMO there is no one for tito to fight outside the UFC, all the matches people are talking about in this thread are against Middleweights, Cung Lee?? doubt it he'll move up to LHW. The only people is could see moving up to fight tito are shamrock and Matt Lindland. Other than that there is barely anyone, the UFC has got a choke hold on the Light heavyweight division. Arona and Lil Nog would be the best matches, but i doubt it'll happen since there is no value to their name in the US.
5/4/08 10:41:32AM
i think this all depends on the outcome of his fight with Machida. if he loses, he loses value. im sure Adrenaline would still offer him money that they don't have so that they can have 2 mega-match ups like Pookie mentioned but his salary is completely dependent on this next fight imo. imagine if he beats Machida, do you know how valuable he would be? he would clinch a spot in the top 10 and become an even hotter commodity. but, if he loses Dana will play it off like a guy who couldn't cut in the UFC and his value will diminish greatly. i don't think Elite XC or Strikeforce has the money to have Tito on payroll so Adrenaline looks like the best bet to me. however, like i said, his upcoming fight will play a big role on what he does. if he wins, he has all the cards, if he loses...beggers can't be choosers van they?
5/4/08 11:26:57AM
A rematch with Frank Shamrock is the only thing of value for Tito outside the UFC. Other than that he's just going to be a guy coasting on his name, fighting cans at smaller shows. YAMMA 2 anyone??
5/4/08 11:54:41AM
i think ex elite should grab him, maybe he might fight on cbs live, any where he goes, i am sure he will get the big bucks,
5/4/08 1:35:07PM
i think tito's best days are well behind him now if anyone pays him big bucks it would be a big mistake
5/5/08 3:38:54PM
it that's the case elite XC would be a huge choice for tito.......anyway, keep our finger cross for that....LoL!
5/5/08 4:23:27PM
he probably wont fight for a little while, i hear he has some kind of reality show coming up
5/5/08 6:28:00PM

Posted by IriShame

YAMMA 2 anyone??

Oh God please no.
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