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1/23/09 10:43:25PM
1. His head is huge? I know we all know this! But its so tan too. Ha Ha Ha its too funny!

2. He has made the entire show about him possiable futer fights for him and his past fights!

3.He has been wrong on so many names and is using words he lighte years beyond him.

4. He just keeps saying HDNET

Anyone else see this!
1/23/09 11:01:41PM
so, nothing new, it is the good old Tito !!
1/23/09 11:02:32PM
Then some dude takes the mic from the ring announcer and WWEs it up and not knowing his mic is on Bas says thats the asshole! opps did I just say that! Anyone here it?
1/23/09 11:10:31PM
is there a link perhaps? im lazy
1/24/09 12:19:39AM
tito loves talkin about himself , affliction light heavy weight champ lol , he hasnt even signed yet .
1/24/09 1:54:04AM

Posted by EvenFlow

is there a link perhaps? im lazy

Save yourself the time lol, just be glad bas saved the show.
1/24/09 7:24:53AM
yeah he must have said hey its MY B-DAY bring me a cake! I loved Bas draging his finger through Titos cake
1/24/09 3:10:44PM
I can't believe they got him and Mezger in the same room together.
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