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3/16/08 10:35:32PM

Posted by keith-hackney1

Ufc record for machida ...

Win Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Submission
UFC 79 - Nemesis-12/29/2007 2 4:20

Win Kazuhiro Nakamura Decision (Unanimous)
UFC 76 - Knockout -9/22/2007 3 5:00

Win David Heath Decision (Unanimous)
UFC 70 - Nations Collide 4/21/2007 3 5:00

Win Sam Hoger Decision (Unanimous)
UFC 67 - All or Nothing 2/3/2007 3 5:00

That's still not storming through the LHW division. Who the heck is Sam Hoger and David Heath? That's what the average MMA fan will ask you. They haven't done anything impressive so wins over them don't mean that much. Nakamura is very tough but he was no where near the top 10. Soko is overrated IMO. Yeah he's a heavy hitter, we all get that. But that chin is suspect and once Nakamura KO's him, you'll see how meaningless that win is.

My point being his biggest wins are against fighters who were fighting above there natural weight classes. He's never beaten a top 10 LHW fighter so I wouldn't say he's storming through everybody. Yeah he's talented and hard to beat. But he is just as untested as Soko IMO this will be his first true test and I can't wait to see what he gots.
3/17/08 11:52:32AM
we'll see, im calling machida to be the next lhw champ, not including forrest vs jackson !!!!
3/19/08 6:54:58PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Im actually picking tito to win for once hah, I think he's going to just destroy machida and leave the UFC on a good note to build up his rep. and UFC wish they would have kept him.

Tito! then goes to eliteXC to rematch Frank Shamrock

There is only one problem with that. Frank does not fight for Elite XC he fights for StrikeForce.
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