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7/3/07 10:53:09AM
'The Huntington Beach Bad Boy' Tito Ortiz is gearing up for battle against Rashad Evans this weekend at UFC 73 in Sacramento, Calif. The former UFC light heavyweight champion spoke with MMAWeekly about the fight, his training, and his place in the UFC

7/3/07 12:06:05PM
Yes he is. tito is looking way past rashad, I bet he's thinking hes just going to walk through rashad. And he was talking about fighting w.silva, shogun and a 3rd match with chuck.
7/3/07 12:19:10PM
Yeah he needs to keep his focus on each individual fight. I really do think he should fight Liddell again if he beats Rashad. He needs to get over his fear of getting KOed and just take it to him.
7/3/07 12:42:30PM
Ortiz better take Rashad seriously because he's not a walk in the park its gonna be a tough knock down drag down fight...
7/3/07 3:08:50PM

tito shouldn of even took this fight its not going to move him up in the rankings rashad is behind him,and he is lookin past rashad he already wants the winner of wandi and liddell and he has already called out shogun.
7/4/07 4:29:42AM
he better not because rashad can easily win this fight if he doesnt concentrate on him
7/4/07 10:38:10AM
The only justifed distraction for Tito is Jenna spreading her legs!

I really really hope Tito has trained as hard as he always does, i think all the talk etc adds to his motivation as he really wont want to lose after the comments he made

He NEEDS that early takedown and if he gets it Rashad isnt gonna know wtf is happening when he is eating elbows in full guard
7/5/07 6:08:56PM
Tito only needs to do one thing to win this fight, tire Rashad out. He's going to be wrestling with Rashad the whole first round and come the second round there is going to be this big universal syncronized nervous sigh from all the people that bet on Rashad. He's going to come out of his corner looking tired, while Tito is going to be fresh as ever. At that point, it won't matter if Rashad's wrestling is better, he won't have the strength to impose it.
7/5/07 6:12:07PM
7/5/07 6:12:45PM
Exactly Nubby hit this one right on the head. Gased and tired is gonna be Rashad and hes gonna try to LnP but Ortiz is gonna be so fresh it wont matter. LnP is the only way rashad will win but im Pretty sure when he locks up with Ortiz and feels his strength hes gonna be wondering whats gonna happen in the next two rounds and worried as he should be because when it comes to Tito when your not ready to go three you don't usually go two.
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