Tito vs Dana Boxing Match...Petition!

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8/7/08 6:06:37AM
Who here like Dana and Tito settle their feud ones and for all in a Boxing Match, in latest Youtube video Dana reveals what really happened in their supposed Boxing match and his sparring sessions with Tito, that Tito wasnt doing good with him in that sparring, and evretime Dana faced the media, he throws shit at Tito and Vice Versa..Dana seems like want to be a gangster in MMA so why he dont want to settle their feud in the Boxing this time around, he made excuse that he doesnt want to fight soon in a ring, but I guess if he really want to and justifies his being a gangster,he shpuld make a way to settle it and .... and why Tito doesnt want to comment on that Boxing match also,he should atlist make a move to bring it to rest.., I know MMA fans wants to see that happened as two Shit Talkers go at it

Video of Dana talking that Tito didnt do good on their sparring before and a lot of shit talking
8/7/08 6:22:44AM
Great interview, There is MUCH MUCH more that just Tito talk too.

Everyone, Check this out.
8/7/08 7:05:36AM
Anymore Dana bores me.
Same stuff over and over again.Though I found it funny when he talks about the best the UFC has to offer vs Fedor,he never mentions any UFC heavy-weights.LOL
8/7/08 7:26:27AM
Isn't this old news? I seem to remember this story going back a year or two.
8/7/08 9:58:07AM
LOL.Yeah .

I don't know who to believe between Tito and Dana.I can kind of see both sides of the story being true.
8/9/08 10:53:29AM

Posted by DCRage

Isn't this old news? I seem to remember this story going back a year or two.

8/13/08 10:36:31AM
I just want to see this happen. I know it's old news that never happened but I know i'm not alone in wanting to watch Dana and Tito battle things out in the ring.
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