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5/12/08 6:45:35PM
Who thinks tito is going out with a loss, this is ( I heard) his last fight in the UFC.
Machida is no joke.
5/12/08 7:00:16PM
it will be a hard fight for him, but i can see him pulling it out. Havent see someone constantly taking machida down(or trying), or him being pressured that much.

Im taking the "safe" bet here with machida UD, but no surprise for me if tito wins.
5/12/08 7:49:57PM
This is the last fight on his contract which its pretty safe to say that it is his last fight but he is going to lose to Machida. He is just too good
5/12/08 7:51:04PM
Not too sure about Machida's wrestling. Im sure he is definately working on a sprawl but I think Tito could take him down a couple of times in the fight and introduce Machida into a fighting style that he has not been accustomed to in his entire MMA career.

The clash of styles makes this fight that much more interesting IMO. Machida to me does not have great knockout power and if Tito is getting peppered at will he will naturally want to grab ahold of him instead of trying to punch his way out of trouble. I dunno, im definately pumped about this fight though, I could see a polarized outcome in the fight (Either Tito GnP's him the entire fight or Machida's technical striking bests Tito the entire fight.)
I have this fight going to a decision.
5/12/08 9:40:41PM
personally i dont like either of them but tito is going to have his hands full with this one
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