Titles Aside, Wanderlei Silva Fights For His Fans

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1/15/10 11:35:27AM
Whether a title shot is in his future or not, Wanderlei Silva enjoys the fight, delivering emotion to his fans. At this point in his career, he wants to enjoy his work and please his fans. “All fights for me, I see the rope on the neck,” said Silva. “But no matter, I love the pressure. For me, I fight a long time in life. I fight because I like it. I fight because I have a lot of friends around the world that enjoy my fights.” Silva feels if the title shot comes, so be it. A title is not going to define his path anymore. “I love to make emotion for my fans around the world, and this is the reason I fight,” he said. “I don’t know if one day I’m going to fight for the title, but for this moment, I just enjoy my job. This is my business and my hobby.”

1/15/10 11:59:42AM
That's why the fans love Wandy!!!
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