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7/25/07 10:09:57AM
i perosnally love this.. cause i dont think either of them are the true champs...
maybe shogun and hendo... or shogun and someone else.. but there is a a few guys who could beat hendo at 205 and def ppl who could beat rampage..
plus.. combining the two means no more pride.. i want to see pride fighters again ufc and ufc against WEC someday and WEC vs pride someday.
MMA orgs have made so much money off of Pride vs UFC. i dont think that they want that to stop now. and besides, we as funs should always quesytion who is better pride HW or UFC Hw for instance... the cnotroversy keeps the sport going and hopefully K-1 will step up as well as WEC so taht they have competators in the upper echelon of the sport
7/25/07 6:16:24PM
Y is it not a title fight??
7/25/07 6:30:13PM
You guys really need to look at when the post originally started. I think the MODs need to remove the related threads list so that people stop reviving old and irelevant threads.

The fight will be a unifying title bout.
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